What I’ve been up to – Halloween Knight

Good day, dearest Reader!

I’ve been working hard on several projects, including the sequel to Xtreme Force, a guest post for a blog, but also the first segment for a new project: Halloween Knight!

This story revolves around mild-mannered music fan and pseudo-spoiled brat, Clara Stone, and her quest to make Halloween the greatest of Holidays. How? Why? Well maybe you should read some here and find out for yourself:

Enjoy the first four chapters right here!

Um, also here’s some nice music to listen to. Pretty catchy and stuff.

Said and done, enjoy and check back often for updates.

Oh, also, the Channillo thing isn’t working super well. I’m not saying it was a bad idea, because everything you do as a writer is a step to maturity, but I think I’m finding less and less of a need to rely on middle-man distributors to get my book around (Amazon and Smashwords don’t count- I love you guys <3)

And to be honest, I really did feel bad keeping writing back and away from you guys. I much prefer to just give you guys things (and then engage you to naturally buy the rest of my writing *evil laugh*) rather than ask for an entry fee.

That said, the channillo.com idea is good, I love the site and the people who make it happen, however I think across sending stuff to them exclusively, writing things for free for you all, writing standard blog posts, writing guest blog posts (also exclusive) and writing stuff that I actually want to make money off of,it’s become harder and harder to keep it all going consistently.

So yes, I’m thinking of stepping back a little, and focusing more on my personal platforms, which means more free stuff for all of you, (and also more stuff that I’ll charge you for, *evil laugh again*).

All in all I think this will be the better direction, as I don’t think Channillo yet has the audience to make it all work- when I can simply turn around and make the magic on amazon and other such sites that have over 100x the audience. I was charmed by Channillo because I loved the idea of serializing my writing, but truly, I now have the assets and knowledge to sorta do all of that by myself so I’m seriously thinking of cutting that tie. I feel rather silly, but I guess it’s okay because some of the people I touted it to seem to really like it, but I feel it’s less so for me.

Self-loathing done, expect a lot more tasty writing soon. Thank you for your time and attention!

Much platonic love,


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