“Dying while on fire” OR “What I’ve been up to”

Frabjous day, Reader!

Today’s post is about simple, unexciting things, namely all the projects I’ve been working on currently I understand that with so many people hopping on the Ink Train as of late not everyone knows what my longer term projects have been, so I suppose I’ll be filling you in on that.
Currently being written:
Xtreme Force Book 2 (You can get the first one for free right here)
In queue for edits/sharpening:
-Xtreme Force Book 1 (Nothing major, just need to swap out some changes and find a spot where I didn’t remove editor comments)
-The Kingdom through the Swamp (Previously called “The Fairy Book” and what I consider to presently be my best work. Except to see much more of this in the coming months.)
On hiatus:
-Halloween Knight
-Oscar La’coss
-Journey Quest
Idea Backlog, for once I get the rest of these words under control:
-Kingdom through the Mountain (Sequal to “Swamp“)
-The Out (Probably will be a novella)
-Chronicle of the Small One’s War (This is a ways off)
Of course, if you are curious about any of the ideas, or would like to read some incomplete work, you only need to email me at kellr.inkston@gmail.com, I’d be thrilled to assist you with your disgusting fiction addiction ❤
Other than that, I’ve been to the beach! It’s been quite awhile since I’ve hopped in the waves and got attacked by venomous sea creatures, so I really do miss all that. Rest assured though, I’m quite safe sitting in coffeeshops around the campsite, so it really is quite a lot like home. Just me… sitting here… yup!
Thanks for being beautiful, and hope to talk to you soon over email,

Nocturna League: The Witching Book, now out and free until the 29th!

Hey, Reader!

Just a quick post to link you over to Nocturna League: The Witching Book on amazon. It’s free until the 29th, so get it, read it, and tell your friends.

As usual, thank you for your support and feedback. I can’t wait to get an email from you (if you are, that is, one of my readers that tolerates the sending of emails.)

Get Nocturna League: The Witching Book for free right here.

Thanks and happy sailing,


Nocturna league out on the 25th!

Wow, two short stories published in ten days? I’m on the ball right now!

Well, dear Reader, you can get your hands on the first in a series of short stories I’ve been planning next Monday. Buckle up and get excited with the cover and description. More info to come on the day of release!

Join The mysterious Captain’s crew in their seafaring adventure as they search for the ancient witching book of Vuuya on an island where everything seems too perfect. The Captain, Colette, Jim, and Dunks are the away team on a simple task, get the book and leave; what they walk into, however, is a confused social nightmare in which no one can be trusted- not even each other. The first story in a series of sailing action adventures. Stay salty!

Nocturna League cover, falling down stairs, and being busy

Hello again, Reader!

As you may know Solution has been released just days ago and the results are seriously looking up- the more people who like that will probably like my other things, and so on; the struggle for success and good grammar continues.

Anyway, for those of you wondering about this new piece of fiction here, I’ve been tossing the problem around with the Council of Breathing and my beloved Star Creature, and I’ve decided that this would be a good thing to write- perhaps slightly more experimental than my usual, but still delicious adventure. In this story you’ll be stepping with the boots of The Captain, a mysterious martial artist/mercenary ship commander, in his adventure of retrieving an ancient magic book said to make any wish come true… A book can’t actually do something like that… can it?

The cover is below if you’d like a peek.

The cover for the first of the Nocturna League short stories, coming sometime soon, probably by the end of May.
The cover for the first of the Nocturna League short stories, coming sometime soon, probably by the end of May.

Stay tuned for more news by watching here, my facebook, other blog, or just email me and I’ll put you on the update list.

Much love,

Kell Inkystain

The wait is over, “Solution” to be released on the 15th!

Wondrous news, dearest Reader! My new sci-fi short story Solution will soon be available on amazon for on 5/15/15 for free- but it will only be free for five so days as per Amazon Tyrannical Law, so expect to find it on other websites for free soon enough!

For now, stay tuned and enjoy the cover, or email me if you’d like to have a character name based off of your own in my next short story- just tell me why you want it, and explain how cool your name is. Oh, but just so you know your character’ll probably die, so keep that in mind.

Love you,


Coming soon - 5/15/15
Coming soon – 5/15/15