“Dying while on fire” OR “What I’ve been up to”

Frabjous day, Reader!

Today’s post is about simple, unexciting things, namely all the projects I’ve been working on currently I understand that with so many people hopping on the Ink Train as of late not everyone knows what my longer term projects have been, so I suppose I’ll be filling you in on that.
Currently being written:
Xtreme Force Book 2 (You can get the first one for free right here)
In queue for edits/sharpening:
-Xtreme Force Book 1 (Nothing major, just need to swap out some changes and find a spot where I didn’t remove editor comments)
-The Kingdom through the Swamp (Previously called “The Fairy Book” and what I consider to presently be my best work. Except to see much more of this in the coming months.)
On hiatus:
-Halloween Knight
-Oscar La’coss
-Journey Quest
Idea Backlog, for once I get the rest of these words under control:
-Kingdom through the Mountain (Sequal to “Swamp“)
-The Out (Probably will be a novella)
-Chronicle of the Small One’s War (This is a ways off)
Of course, if you are curious about any of the ideas, or would like to read some incomplete work, you only need to email me at kellr.inkston@gmail.com, I’d be thrilled to assist you with your disgusting fiction addiction ❤
Other than that, I’ve been to the beach! It’s been quite awhile since I’ve hopped in the waves and got attacked by venomous sea creatures, so I really do miss all that. Rest assured though, I’m quite safe sitting in coffeeshops around the campsite, so it really is quite a lot like home. Just me… sitting here… yup!
Thanks for being beautiful, and hope to talk to you soon over email,

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