The Kingdom through the Swamp – Be a beta-reader!


I’ve finally weaved through the darkness of the world-o-verse and have completed a “mostly” final draft for my latest novel, The Kingdom through the Swamp, and I’m looking for beta readers to give it a read and leave a review for its official release.

You may remember Meeo and Order from The Bug Pamphlet, that’s just a short story that builds into this. In this, Meeo, Order, and Overlord Chaos are all main characters in their very own 75,000+ word novel! There will be twists, deception, puns, magic, cute things, and totally rad fights; and you can be among the very first to read it! Interested? here’s what you gotta do:

1: Email me at or comment below with your email address.

2: I’ll send you the book in .Mobi, .docx, .doc, or .pdf format for your reading pleasure.

3: Once you’re done,  leave an honest review on the secret secret whisper whisper page that I’ll provide you. I need all the reviews I can get, the more, and the higher, the better.

4: You’ve done it, you’ve saved the world!

So, interested? I certainly hope so! Get back to me ASAP and behold the adventure before anyone else!

Thanks and love,



Quick note, I need your aid!

Hey you all, if you have a quick moment, I’ve entered my sci-fi short Solution into a short story contest on This means two things:

1- You can read it for free here (so if you haven’t been able to enjoy it yet, here’s your chance):

2- I need your vote, read it and give it an honest star rating so I can rank up there.
Thank you, and enjoy!
And of course, if you have a story that you want feedback on, let me know and I’ll give it a look over.
I love you,

It’s been ten days, about time I caught up with you all

play you a tune


Good tidings to you, this beautiful twentiquattith of the sextumnal month. I assure you I’ve been hard at work at the following projects.


-The new Xtreme Force book

-My never-before-seen novel The Kingdom through the Swamp

-Magic and wizardry without pause

-Watering my dogs and feeding my trees

-Editing lots of things in general to shape and sharpen them up

-The new storyshift chapter in Walking The Scar

I almost fell over today. It was an unpleasant experience, but such is the nature of how hard I’m working to deliver delicious writing to you on a month-by-month basis.Rest assured, though, I’ll do my finest to preserve my soul onto this mortal coil until I’ve delivered at least one hundred works of fiction to your hands. Consider it a promise.

A polite promise, of course. Please don’t hold me to it – th-the world is too beautiful, and life to short to get caught up in such details… yes?

Anyway, please look forward to what I’m cooking up next in my magic kettle. I have quite a lot of things under the works and I can definitely say this has been the busiest month of my life – but that’s okay, because I’ll get through it, and you’ll get through my new books, sound good?

Also, I’m curious, what’s your favorite instrument? Please let me know in the comments below.

Until next time,


Walking the Scar ch.1 now out and free on storyshift!

Hey everyone. I’ve been working hard to give you more delicious fiction, promise– and here’s some of the latest fruits.

I have some wonderful news: I’ve been published on Story Shift, a new, free, choice-based story platform that lets the readers vote on what happens next. I thought it would be a good experience (never enough writing I say) so I threw in my lot.
To read my story “Walking the Scar” and vote on the next segment of the story, check it out online on at, or get it for iOS or Android at:
Enjoy, vote, and let me know your thoughts!