It’s what I’ve been waiting for!

The Courts Divided, book 1, is coming out tomorrow. “Kingdom through the Swamp” will be $0.99 on release for the first week, four bucks off the intended standing price of $4.99.

Here’s the description for you, you curious fox:

In a land of fabled kingdoms, once respected truces are at risk of descending into all-out war following a gruesome series of murders in Liefland, the last stronghold of mythical creatures. In an effort to keep the peace, the Western Kingdom summons three valiant knights of the Royal Order to investigate and capture the deadly culprits. Knights Law, Love, and Order, accompanied by three lesser protégés, uncover a sinister Necromancer plot to subvert the Fairy King and take a once-in-a-millennia opportunity to question an extra-dimensional being.

Unlikely bonds of survival are forged between former foes to keep the entire region from descending into a Necromancer hell of magic and mania. However, such alliances are fragile and easily called into question, as greed for power makes old hatreds bubble to the surface, threatening everything the Western Kingdom and knights hold dear.

A battle of good versus evil is at the heart of this twisted, whimsical, fantasy tale. True character and love of humanity will push three veteran knights to the very limits of their creed, cunning, and highly honed skills. For you, choose now where your lot is cast…among the undead or with those of the living, but be warned: night is coming and there can be no rest.

Get hype, you! I’ve been waiting on this day most patiently. I remember the day when KttS was just a cute little baby book, that needed… writing, I guess. So then I did that, edited, got a cover, and all sorts of things, then bam – here we are today.

But really, I am super excited. Of all the novels I’ve written (quite a few now, though the majority remain unpublished) this one is my for sure favorite. I really feel like I nailed the characters, setting, action, and more; it’s good stuff and I hope you’ll enjoy.

So uh… Team Knights or Team Undead? “Team baby” isn’t a valid answer; this book is sparkly vampire free.

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