Kingdom Through the Swamp, Free from Sep 1st to Sep 5th!

Good day, Reader!

Without my knowing, I had signed up for Kindle’s KDP select service for the novel, oops. The bad news is that I can’t distribute it elsewhere for the next couple of months, the good news is I can set up a free promotion.

On September 1st, you can grab KttS for free using this link here

Oh, and please tell your friends! This is a great opportunity to get the story out there to everyone, so if you have friends you might think would be interested, please let them know, for their sake, and mine!

Much love and excitements,

Kell Inkston


A great big thank you!


Well, the release week for KttS has come and gone, but it’s been my most successful book launch ever! How successful, you ask? I actually made money!


I’d like to thank you for supporting me all this time, it really means a lot to know people (and you, of course) have my back.

If you’ve gotten your hands on KttS by now, do you have any questions, comments, or things to discuss? Email me at and let’s strike up a conversation!

Much love, and thanks again,