What’s new with Kell: Kingdom Slayer – Under Construction!

Hi there, Reader!

Named after Overlord Chaos’ legendary blade, forever dark from the one billion enemies that had met a crimson end with the weapon, Kingdom Slayer is a novel I’ve been working on a good long while, and is the book I’ve spent the most time on overall.

This is the story of Chaos himself- while you see him as a villain, secondary character, or even just a cameo in my other work, The Dimension-Walker will have his very own series! I’m considering sharpening up the manuscript, attaching all sorts of bells and whistles, and then shopping it to prospective agents and publishers. This will be my most-concerted effort yet in breaking through into the brick-and-mortar publishing world, and would be a considerable achievement in my own personal world of writing opinions.

Oh, but don’t worry if you’ve gotten used to me just being online, I’m still working on Walking the Scar (Of which you can expect a next chapter of today) and several other projects.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll post chapters, character teasers, and all sorts of cool stuff for those who keep coming on back. As Blaruto once said: “EXPECT IT!” Okay? No Spanish Inquisition stuff here, expect great things coming soon!

Much love,


~Project statuses~

Xtreme Force 2 – Hiatus

Nocturna League 2 – In editing, E.T.A. late Sep to early Oct

Nocturna League 3 – In first draft, E.T.A. mid to late Oct

PROJECT: secrety secret – (A new project, featuring Chaos, Love, Order, and most importantly cooking minion in an all new short-story.)

Walking the Scar – Weekly releases are still, well, weekly, check the StoryShift app (or on the web at http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/634402) for your weekly dose of war and magic.

PROJECT: probably too good to be true – A completely theoretical project I’ve been tossing around with a few acquaintances, discussing if we should make a shared universe and all write in it as our own publisher.

The blood red moon curls around the horizon like a sinister grin just as the final strike is dealt, the leader of the knights struck down and her arm severed from her body. Looming above her, she sees the distant, cold stars, and she sees the white eyes of the High Overlord, the greatest and most terrible of breathing calamities, laughing at her grave injuries.
“Finally, the ruse has come to an end, it seems,” The Great Overlord says with a voice of powerful, striking depth.
The blooded knight lady cries out in fear. In her is the terror knowing that her eons-long quest to slay the overlord has now come to naught and that she has, ultimately, failed in her life’s purpose. “I beg of you, spare me! It’s not supposed to end like th-” her words are cut short once The Overlord picks her up by her armor collar.
“Oh, dear lady of mine,” The Overlord starts, “Why would I ever allow you another chance? The two of us… we’ve been fighting for so long; more than ten thousand years, I’d wager. I feel it is time one of us crossed that great cold precipice of death, and that the other rose to everlasting glory. I will take this world, and all that exist, and you, dear lass, will be food for the elements.” At that, he thrusts his legendary blade into her chest, piercing her heart and dividing her nerves.
A tear strains down her eye, and then he tosses her off the highest point of the tower, the spot of their final duel. With a final proclamation, he takes up the knight’s great and shining sword and throws it down to the earth, shattering it now that it too, has lost its purpose. He listens with glee, hearing the wailing of all the realms and dimensions bearing witness to the harbinger of their doom slay their only hope, the one that could wield the only sword capable of splitting his dark mass.
The Overlord sees all worlds and possibilities unfold before him, millennia of effort paying off, and he reaches out his hand to just take it. He feels his hand wrap around the throat of any and all gods of the Omniverse, his everlasting reign of tyranny entering its first great age… and then he wakes up.

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