RED ALERT: Ketairne is finally free and now updated!

Friends and family and ferocious tigers,

Wonderful news! Ketairne (the very first short story I’ve published on is now perma free thanks to amazon’s helpful support team. It’s updated with:

-Freeness (of course)

-Some changes to the text, editing, a few additions to dialouge

-A new cover!

Ketairne - High Resolution

Check it out today and embrace the hunt! (Note: Cover file may not yet be updated on page, but don’t worry- it’s in the file!)




Kell Inkston – The Reveal

Hello, friends, family, readers, beloved,

I thought seeing as how most authors recommend a “portrait-style” picture for an author, I might as well get mine done. Now, mind you, I do my best to remain mysterious and peculiar, so I won’t be showing you my face, but a sensible drawing made by the hand of the artist I commissioned: zuzu90

Now… Behold!


Shocked? Surprised? Disgusted?… Aroused? Well, that’s all fine- for all intents and purposes, you may consider this a picture of myself: a thoughtful four-eyes with a pencil in hand and a necessity for fine dress.

Thank you for staying with me on this journey for so long, Reader- I appreciate your presence, and I hope you have as much fun reading my work as I’ve had writing it; you’re  a blast to be around.

So, do you like it? Email me at and let me know. Let’s get to know each other better.

Much love,


Walking the Scar, Chapter… eleven, right? Well, it’s out! Also, get Kingdom through the Swamp for free!

Take a peek and make your choice!

Also, today marks the 5-day free sale for KttS, my full length fantasy novel. Grab it for free here:

Tell your friends and enjoy!