Kell Inkston – The Reveal

Hello, friends, family, readers, beloved,

I thought seeing as how most authors recommend a “portrait-style” picture for an author, I might as well get mine done. Now, mind you, I do my best to remain mysterious and peculiar, so I won’t be showing you my face, but a sensible drawing made by the hand of the artist I commissioned: zuzu90

Now… Behold!


Shocked? Surprised? Disgusted?… Aroused? Well, that’s all fine- for all intents and purposes, you may consider this a picture of myself: a thoughtful four-eyes with a pencil in hand and a necessity for fine dress.

Thank you for staying with me on this journey for so long, Reader- I appreciate your presence, and I hope you have as much fun reading my work as I’ve had writing it; you’re  a blast to be around.

So, do you like it? Email me at and let me know. Let’s get to know each other better.

Much love,


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