Thoughts on pricing: a reflection – and some updates

Hello my beloved reader- you’re wonderful you know,

So I’ve been thinking. I understand that readers enjoy a good story, but perhaps pushing value is too much for a 20,000 word novella. Technically it’s a deal in comparison to a brick-and-mortar store ($2.99 per 20,000 vs. $13+ per 80,000) however I think I’m having trouble being worth it to readers as it stands.

I need to increase the base of my readers, and by those means, I think I should push the prices for my Nocturna League novellas down to $0.99 and see how it works out.

Really, I should have started at $0.99 and worked myself up to a more comfortable price point- as the comparable Unicorn Western shares a similar pricing strategy. For novels of around 60k plus I’ll consider pushing up the price to around $2.99 yes… a most devious and excellent idea.

*evil laugh*

So that said, please enjoy the lower prices for the Nocturna League series, I think this’ll be a good change.

That said, let’s get down to the project notes:

Nocturna League 3 – Out, and relinked. Get it here. Sorry about the craziness- messed up again in linking it to my account. You can now find it just fine. Enjoy!

Walking the Scar – There were some difficulties with the publisher, but now it’s coming out either tonight or tomorrow. Sorry again for all the delays, but it was held back in hopes to be used for a promotion that never happened. Oh fooey!

Nocturna League 4 – Great progress so far, Expect it to be a Christmas present from me to you~<3 Happy holidays!

Operation *whisperwhisper* – It’s going well, but it’s such a huge secret I can’t tell you just what it is. ETA early 2016.

Thoughts? criticisms? advice? introductions? Email me at

Don’t have a bad time,

Kell Inkston

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