“Kicking down the door” or “Kell getting back to work”


Sorry for being away for as long as I have- I’ve been swamped with all sorts of sentient activity common for human beings such as myself, which is something that I definitely am.

I just wanted to craft this brief post and let you know that I’ll be posting updates with more speed and ferocity. Sorry about the new Walking the Scar taking as long as it has, turns out that there was a pretty big editing problem and the publisher and I have been working that out. Hang tight and watch your email for it.

There’s no notable progress in any of the projects simply due to not having any time to do so- but worry not, progress will recommence as soon as the fifteenth.

Also, if you’re one of those bunch leaving those excellent reviews on Solution, you have my thanks. You’ve really been making it fun and worth it. I’m super happy you’ve enjoyed it.

Oh, hey, and if you have the time I’d love it if you’d shoot me an email at kellr.inkston@gmail.com. Tell me: Out of everything I’ve written, who’s your favorite character, and why? Thanks!

Much love,

Kell Inkston

5 thoughts on ““Kicking down the door” or “Kell getting back to work”

    1. Very much appreciate the kind words. To be honest I just discovered where all my comments went off to on these posts and am now running through them all.

      Thanks again for your vote of confidence and your readership!


  1. My thought on networking is that too many people who fear it approach it the wrong way. Don’t think of it as doing something for yourself, think about doing it for someone else. How can you help someone else? Can you connect someone who wants something (a job, a new assignment) with someone else in that industry? Pull yourself out of it and yo1u782&#;re networking. I believe that in the end if you do it selflessly, it will come back to you in very good ways.

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