Progress updates with Today’s thought – Kingdom through the Swamp, perma-free



I’ve been thinking again.

“A dangerous passtime.”

I know.


After watching the sales statistics for a little while, I thought it would be better to change up my pricing strategy for KttS like I did with Nocturna League. After changing it with NL, sales increased with interest, I aim to do the same with KttS.

I think, perhaps it was a bit premature of me to assume readers would be so willing to push forward money towards an author they’ve barely heard of. Truly, even I was getting more income from it, it still goes against my present strategy of maximizing the amount of people that read my new work. It’s not about the income right now, but giving readers around the world an enjoyable, quality reading experience- something they could see themselves paying for, but they received for not a single rupee.

In this consideration, I’ve decided I’ll be working with to make KttS permanently free. Look forward to it. If you haven’t read it yet, soon you can have it in your pocket with next to no hassle, and nothing from your pile of treasure.


Now for the project updates:

The Relic Chapter 1: Almost done, expect to see it sometime tomorrow if not sooner.

Walking the Scar: Next chapter is done, just waiting for the storyshift publisher to take it up and publish it.

Nocturna League #4: No progress, I intend to pick this back up after the holidays


Stay tuned and keep an eye out for the re-release of KttS for free!


-Much love,



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