Walking the Scar – Ch.21: Now Available!

You heard me right.

Umo’s first full chapter can be found right here.

In other news, Nocturna League #4 is so, so close to completion it’s only days away. I hope that excites you, because it certainly excites me! I’m almost done with another project that I’ve been keeping fairly secret, so you’ll hear about it soon.




Nocturna League Episode 3 – Free, and Walking the Scar Ch. 20!

Hi there,

I understand it’s been a couple weeks since I’ve written on here, but trust me I’ve been hard at work on the current project list.

First things first, Nocturna League Episode 3 is now free on amazon.com, like permanently. Get it right here.

Second, we have the new chapter in Walking the Scar. Read and vote here.

Otherwise, stick close for more big news and two close releases along the horizon, before next month there could be two new stories out by yours truly- I hope you’re looking forward to it as much as I am!

All the best,