Nocturna League #5, Chapter 1!

Why yes, it appears as though I'm back to administer another fiction chapter in my WIP cauldron. This offering is the first chapter from the┬áNocturna League series'┬ávery first full-length novel! That's exciting! Yes, so while I'm certain you're jumping for joy this very moment (if you're not you can reserve your energy for after you've … Continue reading Nocturna League #5, Chapter 1!


Update of updatedness! (Aka- Yes, I’m alive!)

Hello there readers. I thought I'd put up a post to ensure you all that all is going smoothly and progress in projects are rather swimming. I apologize for not contacting you all for such a while, but I've had a considerable amount of boogaloo on my hands and I simply had to get it … Continue reading Update of updatedness! (Aka- Yes, I’m alive!)