Super duper announcement – Xtreme Force: Book 1 Part 1 coming August 15th!

Good day, readers, friends and all!

It is with great joy that I reveal to you my next project- a satire… or is it?

Introducing Xtreme Manly Man Force of Intense Badassery, a project that’s been long in the works and even saw a previous release a good long time ago when I was still young, and my chrome plating was unscarred. Now it’s back, better than ever, and ready to kick some tail! It follows a group of probably just normal male mercenaries doing manly mercenary stuff deep within the confines of Subspace, the area between physical, coherent dimensions like the ones Nocturna League or Kingdom through the Swamp take place in. The laws of logic, gravity, and probability are bent hopelessly in this insane land, and our heroes reflect that insanity- you’ll see once you take the plunge.

This is a work far cruder than my usual, so I’ll be forewarning the readers just picking it up that it has 18+ content and all sorts of offensive language and material that really, really is just not appropriate for the young adult audience… well, who am I kidding- if they’re fifteen, they’ve seen worse, but I still think it’s the sensible thing to do to place a disclaimer.

Anyway, I’ll be releasing this in a style similar to Nocturna League (20k word episodes) but I’ll have them composing separate books i.e. episodes 1, 2, 3 and 4 make up “book one” of Xtreme force. Expect this to be taking up a fair amount of my time forward, but definitely still look forward to more Nocturna League, Walking the Scar, and The Relic as the months go by.

Now take a moment and behold this quite manly cover! Oh, the manliness is positively oozing from each pixel!



I hope you like it, or at least think it fits the theme. What certainly doesn’t fit the theme is my name, I mean, look at that- Kell Inkston is far too whimsical a moniker.

A-anyway, look forward to the first episode of this, to be released on and for free on August 15th! See you then!

All the best,


(P.S. For those Walking the Scar fans, the wait won’t be much longer- I’m nearly done with the next episode in the series!)

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