My birthday!… And also I failed.

isSo first, some tunes-

Happy Birthday, me. It’s a good day to celebrate the things that are… Kell Inkstony! I might not even write today, not that I really need a day-long vacation from that, but I’ve just been on the grindstone with it for so long recently! Maybe I’ll cook up two packages of ramen for myself instead of one. Also hey, this is the one month anniversary of The Black Eye’s release. I can hardly believe that I’m almost a book away from it and it’s only been a month of time!

So, about that failure:

As you may know I set out to write an entire novel in the month of April with a target of 60,000 words, and I’ve been keeping track closely with the amount of words I get done each day versus the amount remaining. It was around day 18 that I figured out I probably wouldn’t hit the deadline. 2,000-3,000 word days are supremely motivated for me, and aren’t always something I can pull off with my job at the ethereal scribery and all those other part times I’ve been doing.

That said, I accomplished 46,160/60,000 words. I guess if you want to look at it glass half full, that’s an already heavily-edited and proofread draft in one month, just 4,000 less than a nanowrimo winner. That’s a good way to box it up, right?

I suppose I can’t be too hard on myself. This will still be the fastest novel I’ve written, and probably one of the very best too. It’s weird that this will be the eighth novel-length project I’ll have completed, and I really just feel like I’m now coming into the swing of understanding the importance of plotting. I was a “seat-of-your-pants” creature for the first six novels, and steadily became more and more structured as time went on. Now I couldn’t very well imagine writing a book without an outline of some sort- they just work well for me, so HA!

I’ve got to cut the short. The scribery’s summoned me.

Have a wonderful day and look forward to the cover of Valiance: Voidstar Empire soon,


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