Hey, is this brick wall becoming bigger, or is it just me? Oh wait, i-*SMASH AND DEAD*

Nice attempt at clickbait, Kell. Pretty sure it didn’t work.

First matter of affairs, that military sci-fi novel’s rough draft is done, and here’s the cover:


Yeah, seriously. It looks awesome!

Like, I’ve seriously never loved one of my covers this much. Good job, until-further-notice secret guy who did my cover!

As much as a challenge as it was, the novel was pleasing and quick to write, like I mentioned in my previous post, and I’m currently working through the editing process. I can’t loose momentum! This could be the one! Expect to see it on amazon.com shelves early May. Remember that you can go ahead and read the novel for free using the radish fiction app. Exciting!

Anyway I’ve got a lot going on at the Ascended Scribery, scribbling up one thing or another, but I know you guys need some contact, so here it is. It’s been a long time since my last progress report, so this should be a significant change from last time.

What I’m working on right now:

-Valiance Prequel: I need a reader magnet to the series, and I figured this would be a fantastic way to do it. It shall be a short story explaining the origins of one of the characters, and should be pretty sweet. Expect to see it release alongside Valiance for about $0.99 cents.

And have the cover for this one too:

Defiance - High Resolution


-I’m going to be getting back into flash fiction, starting… today! Check out my Flash Fiction Friday @ Five (PM EST) starting today at 5 PM EST. It will be very short, punchy, sometimes even offensive, but you’re a cool enough kid to handle naughty words and things that might make tumblr mad, right?

Yeah, honestly that’s kind of it. I’m also developing the plot outline for Valiance‘s sequel already so I can piggy back and get on it quickly. Hope to see you later at 5PM ❤

All the best,


(P.S.: Again, Walking the Scar is still going to be finished. Seriously… I just need to get this stuff off my plate first : :’ )

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