Well I screwed up hugely again, not that it’ll stop me! Oh, and I found out a great way to keep my tea warm!

Well boohoo.

Turns out my flash fiction Friday post appeared under an older post- how embarrassing! If you peek down you can still see it, about a couple of millennial whipper-snappers and a fly waiter, so enjoy if you wish to peek down.

I found the cause of the matter. Apparently wordpress thinks they’re super smart using a timezone an hour after EST even after I looked it up to double check. Fooie!

Lesson learned, don’t try your luck with scheduled releases unless you know exactly what you’re doing. I’ve had this site for well over a year and I still hadn’t figured that out until just today!

*imagine funny image of an eagle screeching with the text “HAWKWARD” in Impact Bold Font right here*

Oh well, onwards and upwards! The next Flash Fiction Friday at Five ( Or FFF@F for short c: ) will be released at 5 PM EST for REAL THIS TIME GUYS, REALLY!

About that tea…

I decided to go the route of the insane genius, brewing my standard English breakfast (even though its the evening when I’m writing this; such a rebel) and added a spot of milk just as usual…

Just a typical tea-drinking day…

But then, an enlightened realization! If it’s in the coffee pot, why not keep it warm using the coffee burner?!?!?!?!?1

So I did, and it’s still warm!


Anyway I promise I’ll do better next time. Sorry for letting ya’ down.

: :’ <—Me with anime sweat drop because I’m so unironically random.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, and look forward to finding out how you can get Valiance’s prequel, Defiance, for 100% free!

Much love,


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