Eminence is Eminent!

Yes, but first let’s enjoy some easy listening:

So we have a few wonderful things to announce today:

Voidstar Empire’s second book Eminence is now available on amazon.com!


Click/tap here to get your hands on the digital version for $4.99

This one follows the 55th’s efforts in tracking down the culprits of the Serne terrorist strike, a situation that spirals quickly into suspicion as Cole realizes he has more than small relation to this organization in his past- exciting! Expect to see acquaintances and team mates, both old and new, Boris, The Captain, and someone by the name of… Grancis? Did I say that right? Not sure. Weird name.

Next article of wonderful news is Valiance is undergoing a permanent 60% price reduction, starting today until the 12th!

That’s right! Valiance’s digital version is now only $0.99 for a limited time! I figure this was the right move to introduce as many people to the universe as possible. Don’t forget to leave a review; it would mean a lot and be super helpful!

You can get your copy of Valiance by clicking here.

A quick note on the Valiance audiobook. Regrettably the deal fell through with the narrator. He’s a nice enough chap, but artistic divisions usually trump character I’m afraid.

That said I apologize for the wait, and  assure you Valiance will have its audiobook in the coming months!

The current project roster:

Castle in the Mountain – the sequel to Kingdom through the Swamp (Likely to be re-titled Castle in the Swamp soon for rebranding. Feel free to email me and let me know if you don’t like this idea) is number one right now, which I’m trying to slate for December if possible. Expect some really good looking cover art, a polished manuscript, and for the very first time, character art.

Insurgence – the third book in Voidstar Empire is set for February, though with some considerable work business there’s a good chance it could be delayed further. You remember that Guilan’s brother? The one hunting down Cole? Yeah, he finds Cole in this one; it’s gonna get messy.

– Walking the Scar – the “1.5” between Ktts and CitM is still on third wheel. I’m about 70% done with the project, but I simply need to find the inclination to finish up. The ending will definitely be one of my slower and more poignant ones. I think you’ll really enjoy it. Also, keep an eye over at kellinkston.com for new chapters as they release!

All that said, I have a question for your all. What would you like to see along the lines of T-shirts? No joke. I’ve been considering swaggering up some merchandise for the Inkrealm universe recently, but I just need some good ideas.

Shoot me your thoughts at kellr.inkston@gmail.com- I’d really appreciate the help.

I hope you enjoy the reading and that you have a wonderful weekend.

All the best,

eyes2 – Kell


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