Dragon Scythe Online’s in-writing reveal

Good day to you, beloved reader-type,

I bring you this day my current project, and this time, you get to read along!

So as you may know NaNoWriMo got off to a fairly bumpy start for me. Halloween Knight is just something I don’t feel ready to do yet, but I only figured that out after getting roughly 5k into it.

This new fiction is also a reboot, but it’s a lot further from my old source material.

dragon_scythe (1)

Introducing Dragon Scythe Online a LitRPG that spans multiple tropes, and subverts pretty much all of them. And yes, that is Kell Inkston on the cover there – what am I doing in my own fiction, you ask? Well it’s a secret for now. You have to read to find out.

In case you’re not in the know about this newer subgenre, LitRPG is basically a fiction with heavy game elements, which would also place it somewhere in the postmodern fiction category. Expect lots of references to stats, character charts, and online game stuff as dressing for the overarching, actually-quite-dark story.

Instead of writing this in my dark repository as I tend to, this time I’m posting new segments of the story every day to the fiction site Royalroadlegends.com. Expect lots and lots of fairly generic tropes, but each time with a small twist. It’ll lead up to something really cool if you’re willing to spare the time, especially for you sci-fi readers of mine. Be sure to check it out and let me know what you think:


That said, Stonecastle is nearly halfway done, and you can expect to see that early in 2018, probably alongside a relaunch of Woodcastle (formerly Kingdom through the Swamp). After that expect to see either Xtreme Force Book 1 finally released, or Walking the Scar’s completion on this blog right here.

Hope your day is wonderful and that your harvests are rich,



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