I’m still alive / What I’ve been up to


I understand I haven’t written you in weeks, and for that I apologize. The holidays, projects, and a few interesting nails have hit my side as of late, and it was all I could do to cut my way out of the work I already had. That said, this will be fairly long, but it will also be sweet.

We’ll start down the list step by step. If there’s a tagline that you’re not interested in, just skip to the next:


-Woodcastle (Kingdom through the Swamp’s reboot) is getting a fancy cover!

Don’t believe me? Check out the W.I.P. right now!


Isn’t that wonderful? The artist has been doing a fantastic job, and will be a good-looking herald to the story. That said, on top of this, you can expect an eventual “rebranding” for all of my main series; this is just the first of the transformations!


-Dragon Scythe Online will continue, though slowly for now

For those of you reading along with my writing in Dragon Scythe Online, expect it to continue at full speed soon enough. I can’t give an exact time estimate due to outside-scribery influences attempting to slow my interaction with this plane of existence, but do know that the story will go on. The majority of my writing time right now is in making sure Woodcastle is absolutely fantastic and Bonecastle is as traumatic as it gets. Half joking. That said, I’m not sure when you’ll see DSO at full speed again, just take heart that you’ll be seeing more soon enough.


-Official character art is being put together for the Courts Divided Universe (Dimension #13, by O.E.L. standards)

I’m getting up with artists of considerable skill to bring more life to the universe, in order to help cover illustrations and get people’s imaginations running ahead. Here’s a quick W.I.P. of Royal Knight Order, for those of you wondering what kind of quality we’re talking about:


Yes, I know she doesn’t actually have a sheath for Monument, but like I said this is all a step by step process.


-Bonecastle is almost done!

It too me long enough, I’m sorry, but a bit under four months later, Woodcastle’s sequel, Bonecastle is almost done in its rough draft form. Expect an official announcement sometime next month, and get ready for some crazy minion antics punctuated by gory high-stakes combat. ❤


That’s all I really have for you today. I hope that this missive finds you well and that you’ve been reading all sorts of wonderful things. Do you like Paulo Coelho? He’s one of my favorites, if only for The Alchemist.


All the best to you and your kin,


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