Read Woodcastle for free!

Get ready for this one, folks, it’s going to be my most ambitious yet.

As you may know, Woodcastle (Kingdom through the Swamp’s Reboot) is going along smoothly with new chapters, sharpened characters, and tons more story description, and is due a release on April 2nd.

I’ve been meticulous in my construction of chapters, prose, and ad copy leading up to its release, but I’m missing that first wave of readership and review that’s so vital for so many successful books.


That’s where you come in!

I’m looking for people to read Woodcastle for free, and shoot back their thoughts and impressions along with a quick review on its upcoming amazon page. You’ll get to enjoy Woodcastle before anyone else, and have a direct hand in the finished product.

Here’s how it’ll work:

Upon recipient of the book in the file type of your choice (.pdf, .mobi, .epub), you’ll read it, give me your feedback through email (optional), and then leave a review on on April 2nd, because a book launching on April fools day might not be the best idea.


That’s it!

You’ll get to read Woodcastle before your poor unfortunate friends for free, and the book will receive helpful social proof that will bless it for years to come!

So if you’re interested in this endeavor, just email me with your desired file type, and I’ll shoot it your way asap!

Contact me at and get your copy!

Best regards,

Kell Inkston

–   : :   –

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