An audiobook and sequel, whoa!

What’s this?

An audiobook?

You positively bet your bagels, it is!

Narrated by the fantastically-talented A.W. Dickson, this wonderful unabridged audiobook is filled with all the action and intrigue of the novel, now with a charming British-sounding accent and a really, really good voice for Cooking Minion.

You can get it here!

With that in mind, are you ready for the sequel?


Coming very soon to a giant online retailer near you, Gravetower takes to the scene with more secrets, more visceral combat, more magic, more cute minions, and all that fantastic jazz from the last book with the exception of those darn fairies! Expect big reveals about characters, horrible deaths, and as always some really neat fights.

It comes out July 10th, but if you’d like to preorder, you can get it here.

That’s all for now. I should have Bloodkeep ready for a reveal in the coming months, with release set around October. I also have another, very secret project I’ve been noodling on, and I think you’ll love it, as it’ll have a good deal of the familiar, but in a cool new way with new (or perhaps old?!) characters. Look forward to it!

As always, I accept all emails and challenges for duels at Please drop a line or comment below if you’d like to chat.

All the best,


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