ALIEN ATTACK! HELP, MY BONES ARE SQUIRMING OUT OF MY PORE-… Oh, wait, veto that: it’s the “Jammin’ January” update!

Was that click-baity enough of a title for you?

Anyway, here’s some music for while you read:

Another month has passed since I made a conscious effort to update you once a month, and gee, it’s going to be a sickeningly-productive year!

I understand you’re probably still emotionally-damaged from last year’s small handful of releases, but rest assured, I’m ticking along with all due diligence to deliver some excellent fiction.

How much excellent fiction?

You better buckle up for this one.

The Kell Heckin’ Inkston 2019 Publishing Schedule:

Nocturna League 6: February 15 (Preorder it here!)
Nocturna League 7: March 15
Nocturna League 8: April 15
Nocturna League 9: May 15
Bloodkeep: June 15
Nocturna League 10: July 15
S7: Condemnation: August 15
Voidthrone: September 15
S7: Liberation: October 15
S7: Ascension: November 15
Death from exhaustion: December 15

“Whoa, Kell, Ten releases?! But that’s like five times as much as last year!” – You, right now

You bet your biscuits, fellow analyst. Remember I got a ton of draft work done last year, but I simply didn’t (and still don’t) have the funds to make covers that would do them justice. I’m starting out giving lots of love to The Captain and gang because I can make covers fairly cheaply considering the whole series has budget covers.

That said, I’m planning to have enough available capital to get my pound of flesh in covers pretty this year, which is why some books that are practically done have been pushed to the further part. Look forward to lots and lots of great reads from yours truly this year!

Here’s the kinds of horrible things I’ve been up to:

– Substation 7: Condemnation:

Preparing the cover and copyrighting. This will probably be the only new series I start this year, and I’m going to do my darnest to finish it this year as well. I’m going to move like a mad-entity smashing out quality words and making sure the entire experience is at a whole new level of excellence. I definitely need a win on this one, lol. I can’t afford not to! August is a ways off, though, so we’ll see if anything changes for better or worse. If you want to help out and sign up as a beta reader, just shoot me an email at the usual:

I’ll keep you good folks in the know about this and the rest of the series, but for now just understand it’s going to be over half a year before you see it’s pretty face out on the street.

-Bloodkeep and Voidthrone:

Nothing happened with these kiddos this month. They’re still getting shaped up to be inspiring, action packed, minion-packed, and Chaos-getting-beaten-right-up packed. This time they’re going up against a truly ridiculous amount of smokin’ hot vampires, too bad for them that The High Overlord isn’t into all that mating nonsense: that’s for pest races like those weak humans.

-Nocturna League:

Now here’s where the action’s been at:

Episode 6: DONE

Episode 7: DONE

Episode 8: Before the end of the month!

Episode 9: plotted out!

Episode 10: planned and ready to pants to victory!

You’ll be a seeing a significant amount of action around here in the months to come, so yeah, don’t miss out or you’ll pull a serious that kid.

Everything else is in the works, but I’m really focusing the majority of my energy to hitting the specific goal posts I’ve laid out. I’ve gone with “vague goals” for the longest time, and I think it’s about time I upgraded to more ambitious, modularly-formed, time-based results… yeah, so deadlines!

See you next month, for the next update, and Nocturna League’s new episode release!

Keep it fresh,
Kell Inkston






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