Blasted under the fire of the everlasting dragon, a lone, four-eyed analyst continues his qu- oh wait, nevermind: it’s that “Fabulous February” update!

Never mind all that dragon stuff. You know I have plenty in my books, but when I was a youngling I figured I’d have tons and tons more dragons. That hasn’t happened, but Hoss’Rayull and Etharius are good enough for my fix so far.

Anyway, here’s some music to get you started:

Let’s get right to it.

It’s now February, and the cherry trees are making their gradual change into the lovely blooms of spring. You can spend your whole life looking at those things when they’re in bloom, but I think they’re pretty year round. It’s good to appreciate things even when they’re not at their very best, after all.

Things have been very busy at S.E.E.R. since I’ve written you last. The job of the Head Analyst is rarely one where I get to relax mentally, but I’ve been able to get up and start writing a little earlier than usual before my work day begins.

That said, progress has been great, but not phenomenal. I can always do better, improve myself in all sorts of ways, and I simply need to tackle one good habit at a time to achieve the kind of results I need.

From what I’ve been getting done thus far, however, I may have to slightly rearrange the publishing schedule:

The new projection looks like this:

Nocturna League 6: February 15 (Came out today, buy it here! Remember to leave a review!)
Nocturna League 7: March 15 (Can be preordered right here!)
Nocturna League 8 (aka: Cap and the gang get spooked): April 15
Nocturna League 9 (aka: Cap and the gang meet some sketchy folks): May 15
Nocturna League 10 (aka: Cap and the gang enjoy the wonders of Atlantis): June 15
Bloodkeep (aka: Overlord Chaos beats the shit out of demons while Lord Knight General Order beats the shit out of vampires): July 15
S7: Condemnation (aka: my new series, complete with crippling dread and dark conspiracy): August 15
Voidthrone (aka: Ohkiij beats the shit out of everybody): September 15
S7: Liberation: October 15
S7: Ascension: November 15
Another book I haven’t decided on, probably Xtreme Force 1 (finally) or NL 11: December 15

As you can see from last month, it appears as though all of Nocturna League’s episodes will be released month to month, then will continue on with Substation Seven and The Courts Divided in a cut up rhythm. I’m not sure if releasing series month by month is best, or if alternating them by the month is best, but I expect I’ll have my answer to this question by the end of the year.

Anyway, as for project notes, most everything is the same, with the exception of episodes eight and nine being in editing now. You should see episode ten, the second novel in the series, to be out a month after nine as well. I’m considering putting five episodes together in “season” packs for maybe $5.99, that would be roughly 60-70% off, and I think would be pretty popular if I put a cool new cover on them. Any ideas what would be a good illustration?  I’m thinking Colette and the crew could be at the front of the ship, staring out over the horizon, probably would have The Captain, Boris, Dunks and Grancis in it as well. Thoughts?

To be frank that’s all I have for you this time. Next month may be the same, how terribly boring! Fingers crossed that I’ll have more to show off in March!

Much love,



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