Crushed under The Insidious Workload, only one Lens-Cracked Analyst is up to the task to write a single blog post – AKA: The All-Right April Update!

Hello, hello, hello!

How are you doing today?

Good enough to appreciate good music I hope, Because I think that’s what we should start off with:

I’m a fan of world music, especially when those tunes come with productions that do the old tune justice. It’s not jazzy at all, but you know as well as I do that listening different forms of art increases one’s appreciation for them. I feel like this applies to just about every genre of music, so getting out there and listening to new things would be my recommendation.

But you’re not here for my recommendations on music appreciation, of course; here’s how everything’s going:


Nocturna League Episode Eight comes out tomorrow, and you can preorder/buy it right here by clicking!

It’s a different one than the usual episode, in that very little traveling about and “adventure” happens, and it’s more like poor Mister Ketiere gets terrorized by spooky ghosts and things far fouler. It’s a more psychological episode that reveals some big secrets: especially in regards to just who is down there in the lower decks. So cozy up with your blankie and read episode eight!

Now then…



I hate to say it, I really do, but work’s been giving me some exceptional trouble lately, so much so that it’s been impacting my ability to write and push out on my timelines.

I know I said my goal was to have one release a month, and while I should be able to push through the next through well enough, to be very honest it’s going to be difficult moving forward to make it work. first my obstacle was available capital to commission cover artists, and now it’s actually having enough time to write the books!

That said, there’s a considerable (significantly large) possibility that July’s release, Bloodkeep may have to be pushed back a month, perhaps two. I apologize for the inconvenience in your reading schedule, but when my workplace heats up it’s exceptionally high-test, and I’ll often find myself working from sun up to sun down with little time other than that to eat and to sleep. I simply can do no better at the current time.

I’ll still do my best to hit the deadline, but be advise you may have to tide yourself over with Nocturna League until Courts Divided continues with Bloodkeep.

Stay tuned for more guidance.


Free books!

Yup! It’s that time again. I’m part of a couple of free and deep-discount givaways today, so I’d like to invite you to take a look and see if any of the reads would be things you’d enjoy. There’s quite a lot this time around, and a ton of them are free, so I think you’ll find yourself well-entertained if you’re forced to wait the month or so between Noc 10 and Bloodkeep.

First giveaway: Enchanted Worlds

Second giveaway: The Fantasy $0.99 Promo Sale

It’s definitely in your best interest to at least take a peek at both. If you love me so much that you refuse to read anything else I understand (though it’s also a little creepy) and that’s totally okay by me, but don’t forget that, just like music, we should be proactive to try new experiences.

Maybe that comes off as preachy, sorry. Do what you like.


Substation Seven: Condemnation Looks Gooooooood!

Hey, check this out:

Condemnation eCover

This is the cover for the upcoming Substation Seven Series, a post-tech, high-magic thriller taking place in a society that has secrets buried so deep, they’ll stop at nothing to stay hidden.

You can expect all three of these books to release one after the other, one per month just like Nocturna League has been releasing. Look forward to it!


In Conclusion:

That’s all I have for you this month. I’m sorry I don’t have more excitement for you aside from news and covers and such at the moment, but Nocturna League 8 is wonderful so you can at least have that to curb your apatite. Thanks so much for reading.

All the best,


(P.S. if you wanted one of the characters from any of the books to have their own series or short, who would you want? email me at and let me know, please!)

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