Blasted by The Nefarious Ashen Plumes of The Great Deadline, only one pair of legs refuses to fall to its knees and surren- oh wait, yeah about that, it’s simply the “Mystical May” Update!

Good day to you.

As usual, let’s start of with a little music.

The classical realm is one of my favorites, and I return to it often when writing. It is at times intimidating for me to imagine how much effort and study went into the creation of the old master’s works, but I can’t be too hard on myself and artists of our time; after all our distractions and opportunities are different; to each person their own unique struggle, to each their own pace and journey.

Right, and that’s lovely and all, but it’s not what today’s discussion. Let’s talk about books!



Oh, how marvelous; Nocturna League Episode 9 is on its way and will be available for the reduced price of only $0.99 cents! Consider it my thanks for joining me for this exciting journey. Reserve your copy soon, as once the 15th hits it will jump back to full price.

I’m really happy about this one, and I think stands to become one of NL’s best episodes overall. It has an intense story, lots of action, and an exceptionally weird problem for the crew to overcome.

You can preoder Nocturna League: The Mask of The Visionary for $0.99 by clicking here.

A most humiliating defeat:

While the new release is grand and all, I’m afraid that’s likely to be the end of the good news for this post.

I’ll cut right to it.

My original goal of one major release every month isn’t looking likely.

As it’s happened analyst work has picked up a huge amount as of late, and I have a pittance of time in comparison to what I usually have. This is happening over a course of weeks vital to lining up and preparing the rest of the releases this year. While I only have the main drafts of two of the others to do, the remaining four are rather hot in the water while I finish up editing and getting artists to finish up their work on it.

That said, expect a month or two down the line to be missing releases entirely, most likely taking the form of Bloodkeep being pushed back a bit before taking up business as usual. I’m sorry that it’s come to this, but I’m afraid my hands have been tied to my responsibilities at work.

Hold out with me, and we’ll see the sunrise together!

In conclusion for this month:

Work hard, keep smiling, and make yourself the solution to your problems! Read lots, more than you think you need to, and eat lots of tasty food!

Again, I’m deeply regretful that I don’t have more to give you this time around, but you can rest assured that I’m working hard for your benefit, both in the spotlight and from behind the scenes.

Warm wishes,

Kell Inkston



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