Strewn without mercy by THE HIDEOUS DEADLINE, one analyst is forced to forgo all morals and safety to survi- Oh, wait no, just the “Nasty November” Update.


As always, let’s start with some good music.

I’ve heard that Ravel thought he was going mad writing this piece, as he couldn’t move past the same set of bars repeating over and over. Of course now we have the genre of “minimalist music” that capitalizes on this trait, but back in his day it was considered exceptionally strange.

Maybe I’m like that? Doing writing like this some days feel almost as though I’m descending so far into my own head that I’ll come back impaired somehow; it’s worrisome, but I think most worthwhile art is worrisome by nature. :^)


Release: Substation 7 Book 2: Liberation

It’s time:

Liberation eCover

Get your hands on the thrilling, horrifying, gross, awesome sequel to Condemnation by clicking here. It’s out on the 19th, so you won’t have long to wait.

This is already slated to be my most successful sequel ever. I don’t think the previous sequels under performed due to lack of quality (at least, if the reviews for their first books reflect that at all) but more so a lack of the first one being packaged and promoted enough like a bestseller needs to be. There’s quite a lot getting in my way as far as that’s concerned, but I should have the secured capital now for a “professional quality” release at least four times a year, if not more.

I love this series, and while it’s not “in the hot” genre-wise, I’m very firm in my belief that it’s one of the best things coming out this year. My experience writing this one has been at once a huge challenge and just as much a moment of great artistic clarity. It’s going to be stupendous, barely anyone will buy it right away, but some will, and I’ll simply stay the course. One day Substation 7 will be recognized for what it is, but until then I shall write in continued obscurity like the little mouse I am.

That said, Amazon was stupendously uncool this time around, and long story short the pre-order version is actually going to be slightly sub-par to my usual commitment to release date quality. I contacted their support about the so-called “issue” but they were fervent in their commitment to following their guidelines and not stretching for stuff that would have made the product as good as possible on release. Of course, the “perfect” edition will be uploaded as soon as amazon allows it to be, but it makes me feel back for the people who preordered and won’t get the best experience possible. It may be just a few typos, but that still miffs me.

For that, I apologize on my behalf, as I should have known better than to put myself in a situation where this would even become an issue, but there you have it.

That said, if you preordered Liberation. Shoot me an email and I’ll make sure you get the best version possible, free of charge. You deserve the best, after all, and I’m not one to spin a lower-class story.

Here’s that link again. Buy it and thank me later, or I’ll thank you later; I don’t remember.


Paperback, Audiobook, Autographs, goodness me!

Very very soon (perhaps by the time you’re reading this) Condemnation will have its audio and print versions ready for purchase.

The production by Mister Buchholz is excellent, soulful, and goofy at all the right times. You won’t regret giving the audio version a shot, as it’s on a similar quality of Woodcastle’s audio excellence.

That said, if you want to have the devious beauty of Condemnation in your household to hit your children with or use as a nice paperweight, consider also ordering an autographed paperweight from yours truly. If you want my ink all over your pages

The prices are as follows:

-Paperback – $15

-Audiobook – $22 (Approximation)

Super cool Signed paperback – $25 (shipping included for US and Canada only)

Now of course all of these are excellent ways to enjoy Condemnation, but only one of these copies will be an investment you can show off as your family centerpiece in a few decades. I estimate a signed Kell novel will probably be worth in the conservative range of about 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 dollars, really!

Okay, well maybe it won’t be quite that much, but it’ll still be a good idea if you want something cool from me before my totally-unstoppable rise into the world’s literary canon. ItS oNlY a MaTtEr oF tImE!


If you do want a signed copy (and maybe a little something extra,) just email me or shoot me over facebook so I can get your address. Accepting payment through paypal only for the moment, sorry.

Here’s the link to Condemnation one more time.


Another pre-order?!

You betcha.

Coming out February (unless things go as crazy as Liberation’s launch) Substation 7’s third book: Reclamation is now available for reservation.

Reclamation eCover

You can secure your copy here.

I’m in the middle of writing this one now, and it’s good. I think it’s going to be the best Substation 7 book I’ve written so far, as I feel like I’ve nailed a lot of the prime aspects that made the first and second books so excellent. That said, if you enjoyed the way you felt with books one and two, you’re very likely to enjoy 3 even more.


Short story of the month: True Generosity

Okay, not technically this month’s, as it came out last month, but I wanted to share it with you in general.

Let us ask ourselves these important questions:

-What’s the atmosphere and attitudes behind charity in The Western Kingdoms?

-Order’s really important, but surely some of those official duties would be a drag, right?

-Chaos is a pretty rock-solid when it comes to being an untouchable sexy badass. Wouldn’t it make sense that some people would have come to worship him over the millennia?

-Chaos has a minion for everything, it seems, but does he have one for socks?


Delightful news, reader: all of these questions and more will be answered in the newest Courts Divided short story: True Generosity. In it we find an especially spiteful Order hating life to the max until The Overlord throws another handful of spice and economic philosophy in her face- got em!

You can enjoy this fine read right here. It’s complete with irritating bureaucrats, an indecent sorceress, foul language, pretentious cultists, and a minion that really, really likes fan fiction. This is all in requirement of any respectful literature.


In closing

As always, thank you for your time, your readership, your friendship, and your patience. Book by book, story by story, we will craft a world that will change the world.

Before I forget, you’ve got to join in on the reader group. Most of the fun that’s to be had is to be had there.

Now you take care and I’ll contact you again in December.

All the best,




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