From the Torn Horizon, the well-cursed sun burns into the four lenses of one lone soul, marching onward with everlas- oh, scratch that then. It’s the Juicy January update!

Hello, most beloved and trusted accomplices of fiction!

Let’s start out with some m u s i c! I’m going to give you all something a little weirder on the menu today:

I don’t know much about the most recent anime, but I sure like their soundtracks! This particular culprit is from “Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress”: a stupendously exciting, gory action-adventure spectacle about a world nipped in the bud at the cusp of its industrial revolution. Cool, right?

Now then. Let’s get to the details, and there are quite a lot of them.


Release of the month: The Killer Shopping Spree

Chaos and the minionry are at it again in a brand new short story! This “short” comes in at a whopping 11,000+ words, and sends The Interminable High Overlord and co. over to Ultramall: the biggest, greatest, most eye-melting monument to consumerist capitalism ever witnessed!

Turns out one of the royal knights is also there, and Overlord Greed who is (somewhat unsurprisingly) the mall’s head shareholder isn’t too happy with them being there.

Expect lots of cute minions doing fun things, embarassing topics being discussed, Chaos doing ultra-high-level magic as usual, and one of the coolest escape scenes ever.

You can enjoy this fine piece of literature by clicking here.


Big news on the horizon: Soot Knight and The Knight’s Legacy

Now here is the heavy hitter.

Coming at the very end of 2020: the very first of the Knight’s Legacy Books. This is a major opening story arc that establishes the universe of the Inkrealm and their lore.

Ever wondered where Overlord Chaos got his overwhelming power and brimming charisma?

Pondered if Boris the lobster actually is a lobster?

What the heck is The Captain, anyway?!

Why did automatons come to exist in the first place?

All of these questions are more-or-less answered in this massive story arc (one that will take years to complete, if not over a decade) which lays the foundations of all the craziness you’ve grown to love.

I present to thee, Occult Vengeance: the first book in the origin story of but one of Rondi’s ten legendary knights!

Expect to see these two explosion-slinging rebels hitting your ereader with rock-hard determination on December 10th!


Occult Vengeance_v1a

It’s a beaut, ain’t it?

This is going to be my most concerted effort at both telling the story I want (let’s be real here: need) to tell, as well as something that will absolutely outdo sales estimates. I realize that the more I make off books, the more time I can spend writing books, so I figure I could aim for the highest-potential ideas first before getting sidetracked with some of the more literary excursions I have planned.

Soot Knight follows the footsteps of the man (duo, actually) who will eventually make up Rondi’s own “Soot Knight” among her nine other ancient legends. I’m going to keep most of the details under wraps at the moment, but what I can tell you is that this is going to take place in a realm entirely different from all the previous novels, and will take place roughly six-thousand years before any of the others take place.

It’s going to be brutal, exciting, magic-and-action packed! There will be gross human rights violations! Evil insect gods! Very very sassy fairies! Bloodshed! Bloodshed! BLOODSHE-


It’s going to be cool. You’re going to like it, especially if you’ve liked my previous stuff. I’m planning on broadening our literary horizons soon enough, but Soot Knight is going to feel a lot like Woodcastle or Nocturna League, just with a lot more grit, explosions, and screaming people who should have thought better of fighting someone nicknamed “The Crater”.


Check me out on Royal Road!

I have a lot more new awesome fiction (and some secret old stuff you’re almost guaranteed not to have read yet) over on!

On it you can find:

-A brand new short story series revolving around Shorts Minion and myself!

-Walking the Scar in all of its intense, warfighting glory

-Woodcastle’s very old edition

-Xtreme Force as it is now (books 1 and 2, so about 100,000 words of skull-crushing brilliance)

-A super neat litrpg which a few of the characters in their “late game”. Ever wanted to see what Chaos is like when he’s trying?

-Condemnation’s very old edition

Again, you can enjoy all of these awesome articles of fictional brilliance for free by clicking here!



I think this year might be a little slower than what I know I’m now capable of. When I put my mind to it I can write faster than ever. I know this for a fact, yet the work-life-art balance is continuously striking hard. There’s lots to do in the real world, you understand, and to craft a new universe for us all to escape into forever will be quite a lot of work. Don’t worry, however, I’m pushing hard to make our dreams come true.

I have the utmost faith in you that you will do your best this new year as well. Let’s make 2020 our best yet.

All the best,


(P.S. book deadlines and projections are coming soon. Expect to see some form of order coming out in the next monthly update)

(P.P.S. do you like this once-a-month thing? Would you rather it be a bi-weekly update? Let me know what you think.)




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