High Overlord Chaos

Name: Unknown

Head Title: High Overlord Chaos, or simply “H.O.C.” as he’s often referred to in business settings.

Other titles: The Black Knight, The Killer from Anywhere, Interminable Lord of Darkness, The Grinning Doom of Mankind, Slayer of Billions, World Destroyer, Indisputable Master of Baking… the full list is quite long.

Relevant Faction(s): Towerne Overlordship (Leader), Kingdom of Reinen (?)

Race/State: (Suspected) Human/Infusiac

Age: approx 6,000+ by the beginning of Woodcastle

Height: 234 cm with antennae

Weight: Indeterminable

Primary magics and abilities: Difficult to discern, as he is apparently exceptional in nearly every magic to have been made, but his most notable schools include Dimensional, Realmancy, Ice, Gravity and Sub-Atomic. He’s probably the best Dimensional School practitioner ever, and easily top five in most of his other more-used libraries.

Chaos is an Etheriae, which is basically deep-lore speak for a life form overtaken by mana’s most condensed, most sophisticated iteration: ether. These life forms are also referred to as infusiacs. As ether can only be created under the most controlled conditions by the most talented of magic circles, it’s a wonder that Chaos can run about with a body entirely covered in it. It grants him hysterical levels of strength and computational intelligence that makes scaling mountains and casting complex spells a breeze. It’s widely purported among the magic society that Chaos is in fact an ex-arch mage who overtook himself with ether and went mad, but this hypothesis has yet to gain significant traction among the actual historical community.

Very, very few know what he looks like without his ether-mass forming his body, including himself. Too much time has passed, and he himself expects that what he was has become a product of unknowable ancient history.

To most would-be challengers, he is an untouchable dream of fatal power. To say he owns a disconcertingly-great prowess over the combative arts would be more of an understatement than claiming that a supernova-state star is just “a little” toasty. Most other overlords consider him an overlord to them in comparison, rather than a near equal. He’s on a level above another level.

Original series: The Courts Divided

Other appearances: Nocturna League, Xtreme Force, etc. He gets around.

Personality: Chaos is a polite fellow with a high-energy disposition, so long as he’s not having an episode, which is almost all the time. It’s hard to get a reliable beat on this gentleman, as he revolves constantly between manic spasms of violent ambition and the gentle, borderline fatherly tenderness that is apt to appear anytime he’s near any of his many thousands of minions.

The large problem presenting Chaos is his excruciatingly-powerful short term memory loss. He’s apt to learn a piece of information, and then forget it right away due to some as-of-yet unknown cause.

He’s a dark, handsome voiced sort that feels strongly about the state of extra-dimensional affairs, and will often tug on his minion’s antennae to monologue to them about how misled and corrupt the various inter-realm nations are. Aside from politics, eschatology, and weak fools who dare oppose him, his preferred pastimes tend towards more gentle pursuits, namely tea connoisseuring, gardening, teaching, and poetry. I’ve never heard a poem from him myself, but rumor has it that he’s actually quite good.

Influence: Unanimously seen by most as the #1 bad boy, wanted being across all justice systems of The Omniverse. From stealing Reinen’s Planar Sphere shortly before the events of the Traehern Slaughter to a list of victims taller than most mountains, everyone fears him for what he can do when he’s in the right mind to do it. Even the head of the O.E.L., Ywn, thinks this guy’s too much trouble, and Ywn’s not the kind of guy to get rattled up over a few broken eggs.

Most people say he hasn’t been dethroned among overlord society yet because of his sheer power and wit, but others know that he’s also exceptionally good at running away when things get too hot. Overlord Eternity thinks he can take him.

As Chaos has descended through the ages of history and legend, historians have debated just what it is that causes his exceptionally-strange condition. Still others theorize that if Chaos at any time was in possession of all his memories, he would overtake the entire Omniverse in a matter of days.

Hobbies and interests:

-The Minionry, as well as anything they are interested in vicariously

-Raiding ancient ruins for relics

-Raiding freshly-ruined city capitols for relics

-Stealing powerful objects from people deemed unfit to use them

-Drinking tea


-Riddles and games


-Singing (though I hear getting a performance from him is almost as hard as besting him in a fight)

Notable relationships:

-An awkward nemesisship / ironic marriage with Knight Order

-A possibly more-than-friends weirdness with Knight Love

-Hated without end by Overlord Greed

-A stupendous rivalry with Overlord Torment

-A significant and mysterious relationship with the legendary Black Knight Oidhche

-Claims loyalty to Rayda(?)

-A significant dislike of meddling extra-dimensional analysts

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