The Captain

Name: Unknown, people usually refer to The Captain by the name of one of the souls related to the whole of him/it. More common ones are Lewis, Victor, and Clark. Other individuals from mytho-historical communities claim him to in fact be the “Prime” shard of Ohkiij, the ancient god of night and the afterlife, but who cares about what those nerds think?

Head Title: The Captain

Other titles: The Raider, The Raider Amalgamation, The Human, The Major, The Rider, The Freak, etc.

Relevant Faction(s): Haha! Good one.

Race/State: Spiritual Collective/Estranged

Age: Indeterminable

Height: Approx 180 cm depending on amount of soulmass

Weight: Approx 90 kg depending on amount of soulmass

Primary magics and abilities: When unsealed, The Captain is capable of some truly ludicrous feats of magic. He can not only steal a person’s soul to be transformed into a “recessed” soul, he can also cast from the repertoire and mana- pool of any soul he takes, allowing for a wide variety of immensely-powerful magics.

Original series: Nocturna League

Other appearances: Courts Divided (technically), Xtreme Force

Personality and life: The Captain is a measured presence at most hours of the day, adhering to a military code of sorts, as well as expecting those around him to at least respect some level of order and good conduct as well. That said he is usually directly spoken, genteel, and generally winsome. Most people who have worked with him would agree that he’s the best boss they’ve ever had, as he’s a confident, capable leader who can make educated, well-aimed decisions in seconds. This holds true for situations ranging from home decorating choices to choosing which flank of the enemy the reserve cavalry should hit.

Despite his at times intimidating personage, he isn’t against companionship and understanding his lowers, especially those he’s entrusted special rank to. He can be found drinking and discussing heavy topics with his top cadre members often.

No one really knows what he wants. Some argue that not even he himself knows what he wants. His motivations appear indecipherable to most, to the point that people regularly accuse him of being insane.

On occasion he will, not too unlike Overlord Chaos, lose parts of his social skills, allowing for humorous though sometimes catastrophic lapses in rhetoric. He sometimes refers to Colette with pastry names, genuinely under the impression that it would calm her down- silly Captain: Calling someone a bagel simply isn’t appropriate.

Influence: The Captain is a piece of the little-known and often-mythologized Ohkiij, thought to be the origin of the Inkrealm’s dark magics, and thus all forms of dark magic seen today.

Older players in the Omniverse landscape, namely the O.E.L. and Ywn, recognize him to be party to this massive entity of souls, and hunt him with the regular expectation of either containing or dispersing the tens of thousands, (though sometimes far more) souls that make him up.

He isn’t well known by any particular title, as he, like other shards of Ohkiij, take on “personas” as they travel through the Omniverse. The Captain is a more current title that he himself refers to, however.

Hobbies and interests:

-Upholding a high standard of uniform and appearance


-Martial arts, especially hand-to-hand combat

-Challenges and new situations

-Women (especially those who wear glasses… for whatever reason)

-Scotch, particularly Dugal’s brand

-Mentorship and teaching

Notable relationships:

-A constant hunter-game relationship with Ywn, who has been tailing him for over a thousand years now

-A bitter professional relationship with Marcus La’Coss

-A firm but warm mentorship to Colette Ketiere

-Incredibly close with a certain promising magitech engineer

-A humorously long rivalry with Boris that now only comes up in exceptional cases

-Hunted constantly by Overlord Chaos, who almost remembers what The Captain is and what he was a part of

-One exceptionally strange relationship with Grancis Vereyrty: master, father, teacher, or tormentor?… could it be all of the above?


2019 by Shiroasa

Important Notes:

-A boy separated from his father, he is not at all who he appears to be.

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