Author Spotlight – Kell Inkston Two Years Later

Super cool interview between myself and long-time fan/blogger Ira Myriam!

Books, Books, Wonderful Books

Kell Inkston is the author of numerous fantasy and Sci-Fi series – Nocturna League, Courts Divided, Substation 7, Voidstar Empire, Breath Series, and the upcoming Soot Knight.

I discovered this author a little over two years ago and fell in love with his writing and his amazing original stories. My love for his unconventional writing style, satirical expression and symbolism only grew over the years and now I can’t imagine my life without Kell Inkston’s books. I love this author immensely. His books not only entertain and make me smile, but also puzzle me, take me to unimaginable places and make me think. He is a true treasure of the book world and I could not be happier that he agreed to come back and answer more questions about himself and his work.


Q1: Welcome back! It’s been two years and you have been busy and working on existing…

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