Another Exceptional Month of Death and Learning: you don’t say, the May update!

As always, let’s start with some tunes.

You may now say: “Thanks, dad, for letting me check out all your cool old person music!”

Then I’ll say: “You’re welcome, kiddo,” right before taking a sip from my brandy.


Anyway, hello again!

I guess it’s time for another monthly update.

We actually have quite a bit on our plate for this one, so get ready:


Release of the Month: Fan-tastic Fiction-eering

Yes, it’s another humor short revolving around the Minionry and Overlord Chaos. This time there’s a serious mix up at the very worst time, leading to a wonderful amount of public humiliation for a pretentious git. You feel sorry for them, but it also feels so good!

You can read it on your free time by using this link:

Please enjoy the story; it’s always a pleasure to write for you.

Courts Divided with a whole slew of other fine fantasy books – OI!

Do you like fantasy?

I hope so, because that’s technically 90% of what I write. Even if it has spaceships and light amplified by stimulated emission of radiation devices, they all take place in that great big fantasy world of The Inkverse!

So yeah, I hope you like fantasy, because story origin is running a massive fantasy book promotion with tons and tons of books at only 99 cents at

It would behoove you to check it out if you’re looking for your next read. I hope you find something cool!

Oh, and Woodcastle is there! That’s why I’m mentioning it.

Check it out!

Not one, but TWO new interviews!

Yup, look at Mr. Popular over here.

I guess sometimes you just have slightly popular months? Haha, sike!

First one is from the wonderful and intelligent Ira Myriam in her blog, “Books, Books Wonderful Books”! She’s absolutely obsessed with stories, so I was beyond honored that such an avid reader would have me back for a second interview. It has a LOT of big news you’ll want to keep up to date with if you’re invested in various series. If you’re wondering what’s been up with Breath, Voidstar Empire, or Xtreme force, this is the post to read. You can check it at:

Second is from Manybooks as part of one of their promotion packages, turns out they give you an interview and make a page on their site and everything! In this one I talk all about Nocturna League, so if that’s a series you like, the interview is pretty cool. You can read it at:


Reflection: Defeat Resistance

I’d like to push out my thoughts for working today, if that’s okay. If you’re not here for thoughts then just pass on by, thank you for visiting.

I’ve been struggling with keeping on-task as of late, and I feel like it’s in part to any number of things, but mostly myself.

Concentrating feels more difficult now, not because there’s more distractions (though that has always been a problem originally) but I think something in my internal clockwork has changed around. Maybe it’s just a phase, (it probably is) but right now it seems like an immense task just to get started on putting down words.

Now, granted I can always chalk it up to my work-life balance not giving me much free time to work on the current projects, but from to time I wonder if there’s something more behind it.

I don’t have an answer for it yet, but I’ve been carefully measuring my process and habits to see if I can’t figure it out. I feel like I’m on the cusp of a big personal discovery, the kind of stuff that would allow me to continue excelling at my formal work while also excelling in the realm of writing stories. I used to believe (though I’d never admit it) that I could only do one thing well at a time, and that everything else would have to fall on the wayside.

I’m realizing steadily that this simply isn’t the case.

I’ve grown a lot since I’ve started writing, but I feel like I’m slowly coming to a place of… for lack of a better word, peace about what I must do to achieve the goals I want.

Some sacrifices have to be made, but they may not be the kind we would normally equate with the word “sacrifice”.

Perhaps you simply get on youtube the first thing you do and then get distracted by a misleading thumbnail. Perhaps you continuously sabotage your process by thinking you need to check your email more than a single time each day. It very well could be that writing in the morning simply isn’t for you, because you can’t commute home in time to get a good night’s sleep and still push off early enough in the morning to do well.

It could be, and is a multitude of things that slow you down in your day to day life, as innocuous as having an extra tab open on your computer to draw your attention, to your diet to your expectations at your job.

I love my job, of course, but it’s also the kind of thing that pulls me away out of my schedule often, with uneven, long hours. It can be hard to hold onto a consistent habit if I keep getting pushed off into some new project with a unique set of hours or a different location.

Anyway, that’s my rant of the month. You have to be exceedingly careful when analyzing how you spend your time, because it seems to me that it’s everything from tiny habits to large real-life requirements. One needs a holistic view for how they live their lives to truly understand it.



Thanks for reading as always. I’m overjoyed with all the awesome feedback I get from you guys. Keep pushing me to do my best, and I’ll keep pushing awesome stories on you, deal?

Speaking of awesome: Nocturna League Season two’s preorder is up and will be out next month. This will be your one chance to get it for 99 cents, so consider picking it up to be ready for June 10th. You can get your copy at:


Until next time,

Kell Inkston

Resident Maniac


(P.S. a bit of art for you. Chaos and Order standing about wistfully~)


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