As The Great Outbreak (TM) spanned across The Cursed Earth (TM) one analyst stayed cradled in the ethereal confines of a reinforced seven-dimensional bunker replete with coffee and Turkish delight. It is here that he made the final preparations for The Immense Plan (TM) – The June 2020 Update

Hey reader. We’re starting out with a bit of different music this time.

There are fledgling pieces of art that do not achieve their best form until years later, and there are those that arrive perfect as they are. The music of Xenogears is the former. Natsumi Kameoka’s arrangements of the pieces are phenomenally good – so please enjoy.

Now let’s get right to it; we have business to discuss!

Release of the month: Nocturna League Season 2

Despite my following being microscopically small in comparison to the “big kids”, I’m explicitly pleased that Nocturna League’s second season box set has racked up a good amount of preorders and would be generally considered a success in my book, though simply publishing something at all enough to meet that criteria, teehee.

Nocturna League Episode Two eCover

That said, I really hope you enjoy it! You can get your claws on it here:

This one’s got some big twists that you won’t see coming. Let’s just say The Captain and Boris have a lot more secrets packed away than we’ve been expecting. Also “Doctor” Estraudia isn’t really a doctor.

A ginormous novel giveaway for those who Desire MORE:

Hey, I’m part of a gigantic fantasy promotion with bookfunnel. All of the books are free so long as you agree to sign up to the author’s newsletter, so if you’re looking for a new read consider taking a peek and patronizing any of the fine authors you find. is the link. Enjoy.

Oh, and if you’re reading this because you signed up with the book I listed, then hi! Welcome aboard!


Crazed Ads Murder Spree: The Quest for many new readers

Uh, Hey everyone! Believe it or not, for most folks reading this, this will be their very first monthly update!

Truth be told the new ads I’ve been running have been stupidly successful, which is a bit amazing considering I’m so used to frantically researching advertisement, audiences, keywords, ad copy, etc. and getting practically no positive results.

That’s changed with this set of ads.

By simply changing the methodology of how I run the ads (trying to give something away, rather than go right for the sale) I’ve found people are far more apt to get something for free, rather than be sold to. Common sense? Yes. Something that almost no one’s tried that works incredibly well? Also yes.

As a result of these new changes to my approach, the size of our little newsletter family has almost tripled in size. This is a stupidly big deal because we’ve gained almost no one for some years.

Lesson learned.

If, for some reason you’re not a part of this and would like to join, as well as getting your hands on Woodcastle for free, you can happily take this link to enjoy the bonanza of goodness that is the Kell Inkston Newsletter:


Growing Newsletter, Growing Group

In other news, another circle of Kell Inkston Loyalists have been growing as of late. Our facebook reader group has been getting a ton of extra love from new readers and friends. As a result I’ve been rife with ideas on how engage and delight folks over there as well as here. Check it out if you’re into goofy polls, exceptional formal discussion of modern literature and the occasional free thing:


In Conclusion:

Despite the small amount of news its actually been a really big month. Granted most of the big moves have been behind the scenes, but you can’t have one without the other I don’t suppose. I’ll try to get more newsworthy notes for next month – thanks for reading.


Write again soon,

Kell Inkston

Head Analyst,




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