As High Overlord Chaos’ tower network, Towerne could rightfully be called a kingdom simply by the expanse of its demesne coupled with a truly ludicrous power projection. As Chaos and his dimensional operation minions maintain a rather extreme amount of towers in a multitude of different dimensions, and they almost always go undetected, Chaos has a perfectly fortified assault point for the majority of high-society dimensions in The Omniverse.

Practically speaking Towerne is an immense and surprisingly well-coordinated relay of interconnected towers, each within their own dimension. Each tower has its own separate magical power grid, though Spa Tower apparently is the magical core of the entire place, for some weird reason. Rest assured, the power provided across all towers is enough for the various enchantments placed across Towerne to hide its magical signature perfectly across its multitudes of dimensions.

Due to Towerne’s inordinate size for what is essentially a fortress that spans multiple dimensions, there are towers, shops, and storehouses dedicated to all manner of crafts, magics, and logistic requirements. The infamous “Neverending Cheese Fondue Tower” does in fact exist; it’s not very big, its population consists only of the minions working there and Cheese Fanatic Minion – but it’s there.

Towerne also makes for very easy vacation travel. Sick of your job as a mechanic minion? Change over towers and enjoy the mountain air for a bit. Sick of that? Change over again and take a dip in a beach. Sick of that? Just change jobs altogether and enjoy the Omniverse your High Overlord has provided for you! Chaos wants you to be happy, after all, and he pays you in food and antennae scratchies, so it might as well be doing something you enjoy.

There are regular events and games held among the towers, so Tower Tourism is a common pastime among the majority of Chaos’ minionry. Really, in comparison to other minion garrisons for other overlords, there’s simply no comparison – it’s a great place.

Rumor has it there’s a great many experimental towers as well. Whispers abound among extraverse and overlord theorists detailing towers that span the orbit of planets, ones that reside in deep-space, and ones that contain a multitude of moving parts. Apparently there’s even an entire tower dedicated to containing a single life form, though no one knows quite for sure just who or what that is. How mysterious!

For those wondering, Minion Assignments are managed by the aptly-named Minion-Assignment Corps of minions, found in Center Tower, or simply “Central”. This corps includes personnel logistics, naming conventions, and one especially snippy bureaucrat minion that loves changing the names of minions that get on his bad side.

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