A truly hideous canyon between Kanvane and Ragnivan spanning several hundreds of miles across, the Trench was originally started as a result of the really-quite-violent struggles between the ruling society of dragon-kin on the continent, and the humans that eventually rose up with Rayda’s help to defeat them.

What began as an extraordinarily blasted-out trench eroded from years of rain and wind, digging deeper and deeper until it accessed the subterranean caverns below it and opened up into what we now know of as Trench today.

Original attempts at understanding the breadth of the new land’s depths were met with surprising reports of expeditions not returning.

Turns out, these caverns were already occupied.

Old map-makers weren’t just hopping into the chasm without regard, of course, but they were ill prepared for what they were to find: a nation of insects that actively defend this grand abyss as their nest. These “Trenchlings” are intelligent, speaking creatures and are many in variety, as if they are in fact multiple terrible races banded together to protect their king, who apparently boasts some high-power psychic link to his subjects; the natural outcome of such well-organized and focused solders would be that the Trench is considered a no-man’s land for any other than the approved insect races that call it home.

They’re a weird bunch and not the sort you’d want for tea.

The innards of Trench sport a pleasantly-cool, if dreary atmosphere, what thin slivers of light peering inside bearing life to the sparse evergreen forests within. There’s a lot of room down there; it would be a fine place to put something, especially if it were evil, and you wanted it unwittingly protected by a giant swarm-army of insect people.

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