Cracked Beyond Repair, it is indeed The Analyst that continues its journey across the Dark and Unforgiving Battle-Plains of Dimension X – A.K.A. The Alright August Update!


Yeah, let’s do it.

Just like last month, an artist that left the world too early. My world was placed in collective shock when he passed in 2009. It felt like a man who was possibly larger than the world he was born in had gone on ahead of us.

*ehem* if isn’t clear I really like Micheal Jackson’s music quite a lot; I’ll miss him.

Now then, onto this month’s set of news.


An Appropriate Delay: Emancipation


Bring out your guns and shoot down my door, I will defend myself as I must ensure my art meets the highest standard. There is no cost of blood I will not pay in the pursuit of art, so challenge me to a duel or be patient.

Despite a great deal of workplace difficulties (I’ll blame COVID-19 like everyone else because that’s easy) I’m almost finished with Substation 7’s final chapter and thrilling “80%” conclusion: Emancipation.

I’m afraid that while the book in its current state does offer a thrilling conclusion that you’ve been looking forward to, it is not up to my standard of quality. It’s not quite heartbreaking enough, but it will be!

Emancipation is still available for pre-order, and will be released on September 1st. You can reserve yours by clicking here.

I’ll have some reflections on Substation 7 as a whole next month I do believe, so look forward to that.


Short of the Month: Dirty Rotten Part 2

In this episode Overlords Chaos and Torment get into a sick overlord battle. We’ll see if Ol’ Bunny Ears can’t take on some new challengers.

You can read it for free by clicking here.

Do note. It has overlords that aren’t Chaos in it, and some of these guys have mouths that would make a pirate blush. Expect plenty of course language, mean words, and negative vibes among the less-classy class of dimensional rulers. Also there’s Pet Sitting Minion, watch out for her.


Super Cool and Pretty: The Nocturna League Box set Print Copy!

I’m glad you guys like my print editions so much. It really makes me feel special when you fine folks get a print version, as it tells me you’re comfortable with me living in your house with you for all your friends and family to se-

Oh, no? Too weird? Okay, next time.

But seriously, thanks so much for buying the full season in print. I haven’t gotten my hands on it yet due to a business trip, but a couple of my readers did send in photos to calm my poor analyst nerves. Behold:

Here’s a couple of images from the high-cultured Mr. Corbi. I think the book looks great, but I should have it in my hands today to see for myself so it’s only a matter of time.

If you want to make all of your friends jealous and get your own print version delivered straight to your door, click here.

Alternatively, if you just want to make them slightly jealous when they’re looking at your smart device, click here for the much cheaper digital version.

Once again, thank you all so much for your readership. It means the world to me.


Conclusion: I’m doing my best to stay neutral, but here comes my first-ever mildly political statement

I know some authors get really political about stuff, and frankly they’re not wrong in doing that per se, as writing itself is the projection of thought – it’s only natural for our sort to have a lot to say. If you don’t want any of that venting garbage feel free to skip ahead.

I’ll have plenty of growing to do as I see more of the world and understand more and more, so this is simply where I am right now.

There is a line to be drawn I think, especially when it comes to dealing with unsavory or intensely heated political topics. There’s all sorts weighing their opinions in across the interverse we all access here on the internet, but I find that all too often this discourse does more to divide than unify. Again, division is not inherently evil either, but in civilized society I believe that losing social order is often just as much an evil as what one might defeat in pursuing certain justices or pursuits.

That said, it might not be a hot take, but I believe that political systems are not the problem, so much as it is the people and their spirits within them. One can make any political form work so long as all constituents hold an inherent respect and love for one another. Understanding someone is the best way to help them. This obviously is not a reasonable expectation for the common human specimen – we’re far too busy being trapped in our own personal heaven or hell to honestly and thoughtfully practice empathy on that level.

Because humans are lacking in this, we have to fall back on politics:

“This is better!”

“No (derogatory slur here), this is better!”

“No, here’s a resource that shifts the facts in the favor of my argument!”

“Uhuh, well here’s a twitter-verified person’s screencap saying you are wrong.”

The inane jousting between the Greek rhetorical values of Ethos, Logos, and Pathos continues to this day among even high-eschalon thinkers and high-performers of our world. I don’t want to believe that measured reasoning can be overcome by emotional, theoretical, and credibility-based arguments, but our appealing to those things are what make us human, I’m afraid. If this is the only thing we focused on, it would seem like an unwinnable game: rhetoric would stagnate endlessly until a civilization falls so far from its original ideals that it can no longer operate.

It seems that to maintain itself, a body must maintain its ideals as well, but if one does not balance the protection of their traditions to the equally-laudable pursuit of its challenging, then the society may not be flexible enough to adapt to the challenges ready to meet its upcoming generations.

What, then, do we do? To be liberal, progressive, and pursue change, or to be conservative, protective, and protect the systems that have protected your forefathers?

My answer, reader: is to read. It is your moral imperative to read. It’s your reason for knowing what to do. It’s the blood in your veins that charges every reasonable and appropriate decision you can make. What you read is who you will be.

Don’t go the way of the noble savage, who can only question what he already knows or the social-troglodyte, ever-content in their self-made prison of social expectation. Read, and if you feel like you’re certain about an issue, read even more. It’s the way wise souls have been wrought since the printed word was made, practice it and find calm in today’s tumultuous world.

Perhaps that sounds apolitical to you, but I think the sharing of knowledge is perhaps the most critical issue facing the world today. One must know, in order to be knowledgeable, after all.

Thank you. That’s how I feel. Rant over.

On another note. I’ve been thinking of doing monthly book recommendations in these updates as well. Let me know if you’d like that. Expect mostly self-development and non-fiction, which I know may come off as strange for a “fiction” author like myself, but I’ll be sure to throw in some good stories as well here and there.


As always, take care of yourself, and we’ll see each other by the end of this troubling time. Uh, be sure to wash your hands and eat lots of vegetables. Until next time.

All the best,

Kell Inkston



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