Lord of Kingdoms of the Aernan Continent and Invincible Bastion against The Dragons. Reinen of the Far North was long the Western Kingdom’s capitol city before the removal of the Planar Sphere, which was the only magical device capable of holding back the immensely inhospitable cold of the surrounding arctic environment. While the other kingdoms are wide domains with great midland towns and sprawling countryside, Reinen was a small land that stretched only as far as its unwalled boundary at twenty kilometers from the center of the Planar Sphere’s placement.

Under The Sphere’s power of temperature alteration, the snowy tundra was transformed into a brimming paradise for all those that would take shelter from the dragons and their kin, who could not brave the immense cold of -30 Celsius, and thus could not attack from land nor sky.

The disappearance of the Planar Sphere around the time of the duel between Rayda and Overlord Apocalypse plunged the realm back to its original colds, killing the kingdom’s harvests in the first three days, and then the citizens began to starve. Migration was a simple process, as Reinen boasted one of the only non-Rondi-constructed Space Gates in The Omniverse. It is from there that the entire population of the kingdom, along with the headquarters of the Royal Knights and its corps, all migrated to the other four kingdoms, which are now considered political and cultural peers.

Reinen sports multiple sectors in consecutive “quarters” around the city, including agricultural, academic, military, and residential, though workers were able to, (and at times encouraged) to sleep at their work places and practically make it their home.

It’s between these four quarters that some of humanity’s most incredible magical creatures were born, and under Rayda’s considerate eye, the majority were good things, decent and worthwhile of advancement.

It was always a strange place, but within the Planar Sphere’s range, a human would appear to lose all pessimism, and gain an unflinching hope for humanity’s future: it was not the sphere’s influence that does this, however, but in the meeting of the men and women that occupied its zone.

Humanity’s future looked especially bright, and that light worried many throughout The Holy Verses.

After all, Reinen was also home to its knights, a brotherhood of immaculately-learned, powerful wizard knights that would stop at nothing until all evil blood was spilled at their feet on their land. Some would ask if an association of like-minded individuals was a wise thing to allow in omniverse society as a whole.

Reinen remains in ruin to this day, its many secrets and ghosts upturned by only the most intrepid, or nostalgic, of explorers.

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