Viscera Splattered and Life on its Final String, the Analyst prepares for a Grand Leap Forward (The Neat November Update!)

Ladies, gentlemen, life forms all.

I’m glad you’re present once again to receive these words.

Also to receive these sick jams:

Ace Combat, a renowned high-speed jet dogfight series, has some seriously cool orchestrations. I’d recommend at least listening up to the 2:00 mark to see if it’s for you. Mister Kobayashi is quite the composer.

Now then, onto our monthly reports, eh?

Hahaha – it is time for PUSHBACKS!

This is my fault. I take full responsibility, especially because it’s 90% in my hands in the first place.

Early this year I slated three releases for full novels one month apart each. My original plan was to release The Scar in November, Occult Vengeance in December, and Bloodkeep in January.

Now it appears as though that entire schedule is going to get pushed back a month. It’s less so a problem in writing speed as it is just editing and tying up all the loose ends to really make each book shine, so I hope you’ll understand, the books are getting pushed back because they need a little more love, so be assured that you’ll be receiving the complete experience. A good book may take some extra time, but a rushed story is lackluster forever, don’t you agree?

So with that in mind…

Projected Release Timeline – November 2020:


Monthly Short Stories – Ongoing

The Scar - High Resolution

The Scar: A Novel of War – Dec 20th

Occult Vengeance_v1a

Occult Vengeance: Soot Knight #1 – Jan 10th

Bloodkeep eCover(1)

Bloodkeep: The Courts Divided #3 – January 20th

Mystic Vengeance_v4

Mystic Vengeance: Soot Knight #2 – May 20th

And again, I should have other neat surprises coming as well, but fingers crossed!

Short Story and Book recommendation of the month… nada!

Yeah, I wasn’t kidding that there’s work to be done. I have plenty of partially finished shorts, but the novels take top priority. They must get done!

Oh, but I do have something for you to read quite soon. In fact, you can get your hands on it right now!

Get Nocturna League Season 1 for FREE!

No, that wasn’t a massive typo.

Yes, it’s real!

You can get your hands (tentacles?… claws?) on the complete NL:S1 right now!

If you haven’t been introduced to the ultra-hostile world of The Eversea, let alone its exceptionally-colorful cast of characters, then now is the perfect time!

You can grab it in Story Origin’s “Autumn Assassins” promotion by clicking here, or by going to

Have a friend that also likes free books and crazy high-seas antics? Share it with a buddy and let them in on this once-only-ever offer.

Be quick, you only have until Dec 1st to claim it. Consider it my early holiday gift to you ❤

Now last on the agenda for today:

Want to read Occult Vengeance for free AND early?

Sign up to become a beta reader! Now that Soot Knight’s first book is pushed back to January, that gives me even more time to share it with you guys before it’s released.

Here’s the deal: You get a complimentary review copy of Occult Vengeance to read and brag about forever, roughly a week before the official release date, maybe more. Read the book, enjoy it, and leave an honest review on when it’s out.

If you’re interested, just comment or email me at There’s a good chance I’ll be giving out review copies only a month from now, so you’ll have a little holiday reading on top of Nocturna League if it hits your fancy.

That said, please refer to this expertly drawn comic detailing the process:

And that’s it!

Yes, yes – I do pride myself at my art skills. People ask me all the time why I went into writing instead of illustration, really!


So again, if you’re interested in getting the first of the “Rondian Legacy” books for free and before anyone else, email me, and I’ll put you on the list. Once on the list I’ll let you know when it’s time to claim your copy.

To conclude:

It’s been a hard-working month for me, but it feels good. It’s the kind of work you step away from and makes you push out a big sigh of satisfaction once you see it.

Things are slowly coming together, and I’m immensely pleased that you get to share these victories with me.

All the best,
Kell Inkston

(P.S. the facebook group is absolutely poppin’ these days if you’d like some social media fun, we got polls, quizzes, cool trivia, cover reveals, art, and all sorts of other fine goodies. Join us at !)

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