Wrecked, bedraggled, and utterly slammed by The Great Entropy, The Last Analyst continues boldly forward to bring fiction to the weeping masses (Or, the Delirious December 2020 update)

First, some truly lovely music.

Eastshade is a recently-released game about painting various things for animals – what a novel concept! It’s exceptionally calm, captivating, and satisfying. I played it on a curious fluke, but I can assure you it’s a grand time for anyone looking for an immersive, combat-free experience. Also, as I hope you can hear, the sound track is wonderful.

Now then…

Out this month: The Scar


Out of all my projects, this novel’s probably the longest-running, and it’s done now. Damn is it heavy.

The Scar is a fantasy-war novel set in Aerna (Also where Woodcastle takes place) and will be out December 20th.

One could look at my writing an mention how often it’s not well “grounded” with the common folk situations. Granted, it’s a fair criticism, as I tend to zoom in on the heroes without much room for everyone else.

You’ll see a lot of heroes in this one too, but they won’t be the typical kind.

Another heavy warning on this one, it’s explicit, violent, exceptionally dark, and holds subject matter that would make a typical reader cringe. One might ask if I’m basing this subject matter off of anything, and I’m afraid I’ll have to leave that question hanging for a later date, once more people have read it.

I’m mighty proud of this one, but it’s absolutely not for everyone.

It’s a book about a war with a lot of good people dealing with exceptionally dire circumstances. It also fills in a great amount of the “gap” of information sharp-eyed readers might have found in Gravetower – expect more than a few interesting tidbits about some of your favorite knights.

If you’re ready, click here to pre-order in preparation for the 20th. I hope you enjoy.

Short of the Month: Desolation Scope: 4th Edition

The short story this month revolves around an exceptionally time-consuming, exceptionally engrossing board game of magical artifice.

Turns out both The Minionry and The Royal Knights are big fans of it.

Read it by clicking here: https://kellinkston.com/2020/11/26/desolation-scope-4th-edition/

A Reflection: The Quiet Victory

So for this month, I’d like to pull you aside if you’d lend me your eyes for a little longer than usual. I feel like some reflection is in order for the year.

I’ve been at this whole “writing” thing for quite the long while. Well over ten years now, and I’m still a “minor” voice on the massive digital landscape that we understand as the internet.

But recently I’ve been gaining an assurance that this simply is the way to do it right – at least the way I want to do it.

I’ve met many amazing, fantastic authors over all this time, who have been at it a quarter of the time I have, and have a hundred times the amount of success. I used to be simultaneously sick with a feeling of jealous injustice and inspired to the very peaks when I’d read about their wins, their thoughts, and their tactics for becoming successful writers.

I wouldn’t consider myself the jealous type per-se, but it is difficult not to feel somewhat demotivated when people are making literal millions after writing for only a little bit when I’m still here, putting out book after book in obscurity.

Now I know that’s not the right way to look at it. I have to be grateful for where I am and continue the path. My faith in my goal hasn’t wavered even an inch, but now it’s even stronger. Why, you ask?

It is all a false dichotomy – I am not a poor author because I am not making tons of money, after all, money, nor fame, nor praise were the primary objectives at all.

Not massive sales, not sparkling reviews, oh no.


That’s right. You. The person reading this. I’ve realized my gift, my blessing, isn’t in clear, overt success, but the absolute critical mass of people who read and appreciate what I write. I have been trying to speak to you this entire time – it’s what I always wanted.

I’m sorry, reader, I never meant to let you down for make you feel unappreciated – it’s just difficult to keep my eyes on the prize, as it were, when the physical manifestations of that prize are not apparent as they usually are for most people.

I realize that the reviews are consistently sparkling, the fan mail and love I get from you is more than I rightly could have imagined, and the Facebook group is steadily erupting with activity that makes my efforts in 2019 look puny in comparison.

It’s just a fact of the matter that, as I continue to pile up story after story, adventure after adventure to flesh out the beauty of the universe I’m crafting, I’m not doing it alone – not at all. I have you!

I’m consistently gobsmacked by the levels of support I get for beta reading and reviews, as well as the incredible amounts of traffic the website has been getting. Together we’ve spread the word and gained readers from every country in Europe, Mainland China, Japan, Australia, Russia, South America and Africa, all massive countries and continents with people witnessing what’s being constructed here.

Why, it gives me so much hope for the future I could just get up and pour myself another cup.

Which I will. One second.


Thank you for sticking with me all this time. We’re steadily building up a literary universe that I plan will be considered on par with even Tolkien. The scope will be broader, so the focus won’t always be as sharp, but that’s an easy price to pay for the wonders I have planned.

I have so many cool series planned in the coming years, and the only real tragedy would be to not complete them all.

I’m rattling with confidence, expectation and ambition written with light and dreams into the very white of my bones.

The groundwork will be laid down. We will build it, and then the others, they will come. The backlog of adventures building up the library of The Holy Verses is increasing monthly, more and more proof to the case of our cause. You’ve gotten in on the ground floor, but those after you will dive into a massive literary universe that will grow along with them. I find that more than a little exciting, if you’d forgive my forwardness.

The sky will truly be the limit – after all you and I have a lot of time together still. You and me, reader, throwing rope on a boat, sailing out to the starriest part of the ocean to fish, sunbathe, or simply enjoy lots of alcohol and books.

I promise you I’ll never give up. Never, ever ever. I’ve been holding on fighting for ten years, setting out my contact signal for anyone willing to hear.

And now, at long last, I can feel the responses coming in. You are transmitting back now, so I know without a doubt that I’ll be rescued and we will truly get to boat together. With your help, the world will spill freely from my mind, and I will be acknowledged in all of my misplaced, narcissistic mania.

It’s a slow burn, I realize. This isn’t the kind of genre that people instantly care about, nor am I the kind of person to grab people by the ocular nerve with thousands of advertising bucks. It’s an upwards battle for us, where I craft a world, and a people, and a story that people grow to understand as it’s written.

The basework is being made ready, the glory will come.

Now, I refuse to attach the actual ego of my identity to what I do. I want “Kell Inkston” to be someone anyone can aspire to be, regardless of nationality, ethnicity, gender, or otherwise. I want to push Kell forward, and as such the readership, to see that, yes: you can simply will your dreams into existence.

This would never have been possible twenty years ago, but now with the advent of the internet, I can at long last leave an indelible mark upon the culture of the world, and give everyone a greater story they can be proud of – something that will connect us all in a way that a single series of novels never could.

To say it’s “playing the long game” would be an understatement. It’s attempting to “play” across decades, across eras, and perhaps past our functional understanding of time itself. Together we’re going to reach people we didn’t even know could exist.

As always, I am nothing without you, my observer and trusted associate. I’ll need your help to spread the word to anyone you think is ready, and for that, you have my eternal gratitude.

“But Kell, they’re comedic short stories and novels about magic people running around causing trouble! Do you really think these things could impact the world as we know it?”

Of that, I am more than anything else certain. Once the signal becomes large enough, it will prove its efficacy.

This is still the fledgling stages, mind you. The butterfly’s wings have not yet spread, but now I know for quite certain, that this is going to change the planet, and our cultural history as a species. If you think that sounds too ambitious, don’t worry –

We can bet on it.

I will survive to finish The Great Work. You have to survive to witness it. Please continue to be my observer, even my assistant or accomplice if you will. I cannot rest until I see it to its completion.

Next year, I’m going to be sly – so incredibly and imperceptibly sly that the actions will never happen in the first place. Advertising and outreach? Possibly; but my goal for next year is to make the best books possible, which was the goal last year, and the year before that as well. I’m going to keep giving it my all to strike awe into the hearts of readers across the globe.

We have plenty of time, so my primary targets for 2021 is to build up capitol for advertising, and continuing to build up our beloved universe. Expect to see big things next year, and even bigger things the year after that – I hope you’re as excited as I am.

That’s all for now. Excuse me if that made you feel uncomfortable at all; I really believe in what I’m doing. Perhaps it is all neurosis, or perhaps it is the key to the door – time will tell, as it has an aptage to do.

Whatever happens, I won’t give up – I’m far too gone for that.

Projected Release Timeline – November 2020:

The Scar - High Resolution

The Scar: A Novel of War – Dec 20th (OH BOYYYYYY)

Occult Vengeance_v1a

Occult Vengeance: Soot Knight #1 – Jan 10th

Bloodkeep eCover(1)

Bloodkeep: The Courts Divided #3 – January 20th

Mystic Vengeance_v4

Mystic Vengeance: Soot Knight #2 – May 20th


And at that, I’ll bid you adieu.

To be frank, I’ve actually been even more busy than usual this coming holiday season with one thing or another. I really feel like I’m finding more and more purpose to do things other than write – it’s like I’m excelling and growing in all these new directions I haven’t thought of before.

That said, expect to see new things coming in the months hence, even some quite unexpected surprises.

You have my best wishes this cold season. Continue working hard.

All the best,


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