Knight Law

Name: Hos’Rayull

Head Title: Knight Law

Other titles: The Weight of The Canyons, “Best damn scale I’ve ever met!”, The Redeemer, Genius of the Cold Bloods

Relevant Faction(s): The Royal Knights of The Old Kingdom of Reinen (High Knight Class)

Race/State: Higher Dragon-Kin/Largely Unaltered

Age: Approx 85 by the beginning of Woodcastle

Height: 203cm – he owns quite the intimidating stature, even by Dragon-Kin standards

Weight: 175 kilograms

Original series: The Courts Divided

Personality and life:

Rescued as an egg during the infamous raid on the Valfraiger Magic Institute, Knight Love deemed to raise the hatchling as her own son. This peculiar upbringing naturally led to a disconnect as to what, and who he truly is.

His childhood years were fraught with outbursts, arguments, and more than a few attempts at running away. The boy, given the fierce and appropriately draconic clan name of “Hos” by his one guardian, would continue to question her motives for taking him in well into his adolescence.

Raised among The Knights decades before the Traehern Slaughter and fall of Reinen, the boy was raised under the care of a multitude of some of Aerna’s greatest warriors, wizards, and leaders. It goes without saying that most of them were not fond of the lad in the slightest. Having only decades prior to that come off the heels of the mass relocation movements in The Extermination Wars, most of the knights in audience of Rayda’s court voiced their support that the boy would be best off with his own kind. There was a sort of irony to the motion, as the same people also saw the dragon-halves as an exceptionally difficult, emotionally-delicate lot prone to practically inexplicable acts of random violence. Human understandings of dragon-kin culture were still in its earliest stages, and those who exercised consideration in their case were more often than not drowned out by the cacophony of rumor and condemnation from the masses.

Even so, Knight Love held fast and resisted every attempt at resettling the boy at any of the reservations along the Spirakandrian coast or canyon lines.

He also wanted to go, but for some reason that remains questioned to this day, Love would not permit it, instead ensuring he attended Reinen’s most prestigious school: The Academy of The Disciples, at the age of twenty. It was there that he received the greatest brunt of racial abuse as a dragon-half living in a primarily human society. While fairy races were welcomed into the capitol at all levels from economic to cultural, he was one of the few with dragon-blood that lived within the heating area of the Planar Sphere.

It was during his education at The Academy that the young Hos finally turned into himself emotionally, heeding the advice of his teachers, mentors, and guardian only when it befitted him, which was not often.

His moment of clarity came in the form of Knight Destiny, a crass, violent man who received a knightly title on the pure basis of his exceptional fighting ability. In the one-eyed Destiny the young dragon-kin found a mind he would listen to, as well as a skill that he could emulate.

In only a year after meeting him, Hos’ went from bottom marks in his academic tests to the very top of the advanced-placement class. This, paired with his already exceptional aptitude for physical achievement, and it was not long before he became regarded as not only an impossibly-structured dragon-kin, but exceptional by even human standards.

Following the footsteps of his guardian, with whom he had made awkward amends, and his mentor, Hos’ joined the knights, granted access scarcely by the several recommendations of his two high-ranking caretakers.

Five years later, after visiting the small Hos’ reservation upon the Southeastern tip of Aerna, he completed the trial of The White Teeth, and as such was granted his adult name – his true name – by the reservation chief: Rayull.

Decades of service and adventure under The Knights later, and he was awarded the Knightly Title of Law, as a replacement of the very same knight that lost his life during the Valfraiger incident.

Hobbies and interests:

-“Post-extermination” Dragon-Kin culture

-Physical Training of every kind sparing cardio

-Martial arts culture, theory, and practice

-Meditation, especially “nature bathing”

-Blacksmithing, particularly in the realm of armor

-Interpretive dance (and one of his only personal similarities with Knight Love)

-Percussion instruments, particularly when used in drill and ceremony

Notable relationships:

-An overbearing and sometimes irritable relationship with his old caretaker, Knight Love

-A borderline parent-child relationship with Knight Destiny, who’s also served broadly as his mentor and chief ass-kicker in training

-A tender though at times bordering on inappropriate acquaintance in the form of Gel Geniveve, the reptile-obsessed head of the Kanvanian Biological Life Research Institute

-A loyal pupil found in low knight Perran Tuttilane, who wishes she could also be a huge lizard that can make her problems go away by slamming into them with a giant mace

Important Notes:

-His life’s greatest challenge was not climbing the ranks of The Knights, but tolerating fighting alongside the destroyers of his lineage and civilization.


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