Knight Love

Name: Meeo Letlind

Head Title: Knight Love

Other titles: The Outsider, “One Step Ahead” Letlind, “The Fastest Shot in The Knights”, The Heartless Saint, The Rift Knight, The Whimsical One

Relevant Faction(s): The Royal Knights of The Old Kingdom of Reinen (Lord Knight Class)… but that isn’t quite the whole story, is it?

Race/State: Human/…Wait a second

Age: Approx 5,300 by the beginning of Woodcastle… unless of course you’re one of those conspiracy theorists.

Height: 170 cm

Weight: 63 kilograms

Original series: The Courts Divided

Primary Magics and Abilities:

While middling in skill at hundreds of magics, Knight Love has an exceptional ability at mana crafting, especially in the form of using them as projectiles. She has gotten so good at it in fact that she is capable of manifesting and firing them with the use of her casting medium: her bow Worldloss. Her almost comical speed and accuracy with her magic bolts has won her several top spots in the operations side of The Knights, making her a first pick for many of their most dangerous operations. As she is also capable of dispelling her bolts on contact, this also allows her to kill enemies with absolutely no hope of forensic mages ascertaining the killer’s mana signature.

Her second-best magic is portaleering, though it pales in comparison to Overlord Chaos’ own “instant portal” arts. She tends to use this to make well-connected “gates” to subrealities, like negative space, or subspace, which she has been able to employ as a weapon in some exceptionally creative ways.

She also is considered by the few that are in the know as the Omniverse’s very best-

The Eye and Its Hands Outstretch in Recognition

-but again, very few are aware of such a taboo talent in magic.

Personality and life:

She’s a hard one to tack onto, and her story’s a little lengthy, let alone quite tragic, so bear with me.

Born to unmarried, poverty-stricken parents just years after The War of Humanity’s Uprising: the first of what would eventually be called The Extermination Wars, Meeo grew up in a period of spiritual and economic elation despite the hard and abusive upbringing she endured under the hands of her parents, Larn and Gretten. Both being of the now long-ruined farming village of Lersh, brought her up as an extra pair of hands for work, but not as an extra mouth to feed. She was forced to work long hours carrying loads heart-breakingly heavy for her in the fields. If she failed or slouched at anything, if even to rest, she was beaten, often to the point of unconsciousness – her parents told her after each beating that this is the way people who love one another show they care.

This all changed a week after her ninth birthday, when Chaos arrived.

No one is certain what transpired to set him off, but as most denizens of Aerna know, the causes rarely matter when one passes The Insane God Slayer. Chaos immediately killed Meeo’s mother, and her father, which rushed in a rage to defend her, was killed just as quickly with a segment of her mother’s now debilitated ribcage. The Overlord took one look at the little girl at the side of the home, said “good day to you!” with a grin, and walked off as if nothing had happened.

When pressed about the reasons for the attack by Knight Justice during a particularly candid Knighthold banquet, she only answered with: “It was fated, I suppose.”

Both estranged and relieved by the death of her parents, she spent the following week finishing what little food there was in the pantry. It was the most food she had ever seen in her life, and it was a sorrowful pleasure to enjoy such a base desire in the silent outwards of her childhood home.

At the end of that week, a landlord under the local noble came for a visit to inquire about the upcoming harvest. He found her emaciated, half conscious, and staring up at the ceiling of her parent’s bedroom, with small locks of their hair in her hands.

Surprisingly, she didn’t want to leave, and despite her weakness, it took a second man from the neighboring field to arrest her vicious attempts at resistance.

She was brought to the township’s community hall, where she was quickly pushed into the child shelter, where a new set of troubles alighted for her.

Despite the rapid reparation of human societies along Aerna, old habits die hard, and after a week at the shelter she was officially inducted into the actual trade of the shelter – prostitution.

The food budget of the shelter was funded entirely by the efforts of the children, the oldest of which being only sixteen. By selling their bodies, most often to the patrons of the alehouse opposite to them on the street, they were able to eat.

Meeo was not what one would call beautiful by the classical definition, but her almost absent-minded look denoted a sort of innocence that many of the repeat customers found attractive.

Over the next few years she was fed and bedded only in the interests of being used by the shelter’s customers, many of which were prone to violent, emotive outbursts. They, like her parents, said they loved her, and in an impressionable mind already beset with the confusion of abuse, she was apt to believe it.

At thirteen she was beset by a debilitating illness that caused hot flashes, surging bouts of pain, and had her bed ridden for months. Many years later she’d discover this was in fact a rare condition passed by one of her suitors onto her, the results of which had sterilized her and left her incapable of bearing children.

Even in her state of delirium she was pimped off by her caretaker, who offered a discount on the grounds of her being “less lively”.

The endless coming and going of human contact ended when, for some reason, Chaos appeared again.

Understandably, Meeo does not talk often about her past, but when she has, she’s made note to never tell anyone about The High Overlord’s second visit in her life.

All she needed to do was mutter out for help from her bedside, and he heard her from the streets below, his ether-bound hearing extending his senses to incredible degrees.

Chaos entered the orphanage, pieced together what was going on, and manically slaughtered every adult he found, including the one in charge of the operation. Amidst the screams and splattering coming from the surrounding rooms, she felt her body purified at the thought that there’s at least one thing in this strange world that will destroy those that harm the innocent.

He rounded the corner to her bedroom, grinning and holding one of the other kids that he found on the way.

“You seem familiar,” he said.

She smiled back, and told him that they were in friends – a term which she’d overheard in various conversations, but she herself saved for this one, amazing creature.

In his usual foppish way, Chaos bid good tidings, ensured that no more adults were about that might have had any connection with the crimes, and set off with a cheerful wave.

At this point, her fortunes turned the precise moment as everyone else’s in the town.

Royal Knights arrived days later to the scene of a town-wide massacre: something had set Chaos off to specifically kill every single person of age in the entire town, decent folk or not. Families were murdered senselessly, and every building possessed splattered messes of what was once the adults who lived and worked there – an inexplicable, biblical crime.

Amidst it all, Knight Redemption led his group to round up all the survivors, including a sickly, worried Meeo – she was again separated from her one friend, and as such was expecting a new round of hideous abuse to befall her.

But as to be expected of the knightly standard, the youths were treated well in their care: clothed and fed, and moved to the villages of the territory of what would soon become Ragnivan’s capitol: Galeis. It’s there that the children were presented with the opportunity of their choice of foster care, the territorial charter academy Verroun, military service to the commonwealth of towns, or the work force – no option was perfect, and many of the children were far too young to have much choice in the matter.

Meeo chose the academy, with the sole purpose of entering the magic tract of education. She excelled at school with the lack of a true social life, but the strain of her past reared its molten gaze upon her in only a month of her acceptance.

It turns out that from all the abuse, it was still the closest thing to meaningful contact she’s ever had with a human before. Being made less than a human, something disposable and practical to someone else, was the only way she could connect with an “average” person, and often the only way she could feel that connection was to force that same emotion on someone else. To avoid pain, she would lie, or “act” as it were. To mask over her pain, she’d search out partners for a single night.

In the short years of her time at Verroun, she had made quick and sometimes aggressive conquests of several of her fellow students. Both the boys and girls of her class had not met someone with such a low barrier before, and this made her a popular choice for many of their first experiences with that sort of thing. Most of them wanted to enter a genuine relationship with her after such profanely-abrupt sexual affairs, but she politely turned them all down in her uniquely cloud-headed way, almost as if they were discussing what to drink at tea time – the truth is, she was looking for something in them that she could never find.

It wasn’t about romance, let alone the gratifications of the body – it was the simple feeling of getting back what she lost; a pulsing, psychological scar bearing over her true feelings. Somewhere down the line of her tortured past, she was smeared along a place and time that she’s certain had her child-like joy in it: joy in general, in fact. It wasn’t long before the pangs of genuine, adult emptiness set deep into her.

She didn’t let her vices get in the way despite their prominence in her life, and by her sixteenth birthday she had accepted a route via an exceptional placement program to Kanvane’s own Keruz: considered by many that know it to be the most prestigious magical university in existence.

Within those vast libraries she found her first book on Knight’s Doctrine, as well as her first actual books on Overlord Research. Amidst her studies and the steadily-lessening debauchery with classmates, she found at long last her calling – Knighthood. She immediately began applying herself to her studies of Rayda’s Knight’s Code, as well as learning all she could about their great nemeses, one of which being Chaos.

She was not sure where the future would lead her, or if she’d ever be able to properly thank him, but she was committed to joining The Knights to find him, as well as meeting her role model: Order, who by this time had become a household name synonymous with both the power of The Knights and a beacon of inspiration to women in all classes of Aerna’s newly-connecting society.

It was years later of growth and practice later that she felt she had grown to a capable witch, capable of summoning creatures and altering their magical properties through lengthy and complex processes involving mutamancy. It was her plan to walk about Frau to find Knight Order, accidentally run into some trouble, and then show her hand as a capable mage ready to enter the League of Knights.

With an altered library beetle in her backpack filled with books, she set off to introduce herself to Order. This began a drawn out and rather goofy episode of Meeo doing her best to appear both ignorant of what’s going on, as well as naturally capable and talented. It did not go as planned, because during the ensuing beetle-chase, she found a scroll – a Rondian relic, actually.

This is where Meeo’s narrative becomes especially difficult, because after this point, the story, or should we say stories change, almost as if they had been memory holed, or drawn out from other possible realities.

It’s almost as if the narrative of-

The Eye and Its Hands Outstretch in Recognition

-can only be known once she herself has played her hand of cards, as it were – most will never know.

And there you have it. Some say she’s the incarnation of ultimate evil within The Omniverse, but most just consider her an exceptionally different member among Rayda’s Knights. Theories abound, but there’s not anyone in existence but her that understand what her real story is – at least, that’s what I believe.

She has many secrets, but that also makes her wonderful company for tea.

Hobbies and Interests:

-Painting, particularly impressionism and plenaire

-Hallucinogenic drugs (but that’s a secret)

-Reading: lots and lots and lots of reading

-Nature walks

-Alone time

-Music: she’s an accomplished recorder flute player, but only when she’s “feeling it”

Notable Relationships:

-A loving, if often strained maternal relationship to Knight Law the Second

-A passionate, rather questionable relationship with Knight Law the First

-Best, best friends with Order, the two of which confide in one another for almost anything important in their lives

-A sparsely-engaged, rather poetic relationship with Overlord Chaos, being as tender as much as it is forgotten, which is “very” in Chaos’ case on both counts

-An exceptionally-

The Eye and Its Hands Outstretch in Recognition

-but that’s not up to me to judge, is it?


2022 By @Nozu_Mizu

2021 By @Miss_Minu_ from

Important Notes:

Watch for dragonflies

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