The year 2020 – In cold and emotionless review

Well, yeah, 2020 was quite the time, wasn’t it? All sorts of horrible, horrible things that I won’t talk about, because I love all of you and don’t want to get political about current stuff at the moment – after all, it was mostly a year of good things even with all of that going on.

Believe it or not, I’m still a little hard on myself for not getting more done, but there was quite a lot happening, both in my work place and in the world in general.

It’s nothing short of astounding to me that an entire year has passed us by, and I’ll be honest, I’m heartened, rather than discouraged.

After all, despite all the challenges facing me, I still finished Substation 7, released a great number of quality short stories, and even published Walking The Scar after long last!

I’ve learned so, so much about the various bits and pieces of publishing, writing, and engineering stories to be the very absolute best they can be. It’s amazing, looking back a year later and remembering all the obstacles you had in your way, and now it’s beautiful, simple, and gentle going forward. There will always be a new, exciting challenge to push against my sense of peace, but I think from now on I’ll see it as an opportunity first, and a problem second. I believe we’re already starting to see fruits in the labor, but certainly it’s going to be a much bigger thing once the sales catch up with all the series I have prepared, if that makes sense. Easily, the more books that are sold, the closer I get to doing this full time, but even if I don’t sell a single book again, the works will be written – it’s simply how it is now.

I’m brimming with confidence and knowledge, more-so than ever, it feels like.

It’s so surreal, how it can seem like everything is falling apart constantly, and yet I’m filled with gusto to attack new challenges day by day – Perhaps this is what’s called “the growth mindset”? I can’t know for sure, but it’s exciting and I push forward to create a universe we all can enjoy.

Let’s take a look at the overall published word count this time, shall we?


Novels Published:

-Substation 7 Book 3

-Substation 7 Book 4

-The Scar

Shorts Published:

-Dirty, Rotten Thievery, 1-4

-Desolation Scope, 4th Edition

-The Killer Shopping Spree

All Hell-Ow’s! Eve VENGEANCE

A Most Abyssal Day

And a ton of behind the scenes stuff, lore stuff, and other things that I decided to keep under the hood for now.

Approximate Word Count: 315,000 words – Not bad, about in-line to last year’s!

Now, I’m reasonably sure I wrote a fair deal more than that this time around, but not all words are easily measured with a few quick math problems in a calculator app. I expect, always, to shoot high, and land… well, wherever I land. I just need to buckle myself in and get deep into it. I’m certain that if I can find the right state of mind, right habit, or something, I’ll be able to double, maybe triple the words I’m making day-by-day.

We shall see – I’ll keep experimenting, for certain.

A blessing to you and your kind:

Alright, reader, again I’d like to thank you, with every fiber of whatever I am, reaching across time and cyberspace, to produce my appreciation.

Thank you for reading what I have to write, thank you, for enjoying my stories, thank you so, so much for supporting me and helping make my wild dreams a reality. Thank you for existing, and it is my hope that only helpful things will take onto you the coming year, be they easy or difficult; If it’s something that helps you grow in a good way, I want it for you.

So, bless you, reader, please continue being wonderful onwards into the new year, and I’ll do my best to bring you strange, silly, perhaps quite wonderful fiction things.

Here’s to the new year,

Kell Inkston

Head Analyst


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