Geometric Shape Enthusiast Minion

Name: Unknown

Primary Title: Geometric Shape Enthusiast Minion

Relevant Faction(s): Towerne Overlordship (No Official Rank)

Race/State: (Suspected) Human/Infusiac

Age: Unknown

Height: Exactly one meter

Weight: 135 kg

Original series: The Courts Divided

Primary Magics and Abilities: Everyone’s favorite shape-obsessed dweeb is capable of discerning the amount of sides on any object at least twice as fast as the common human. He also has one of the heaviest cases of “crazy mode strength” witnessable in the Omniverse – in fact there are those that claim he’s actually among the High Overlord’s “top five” when it comes to slamming down.

He also owns a nearly mechanically-accurate estimation of spaces and angles. Construction minions request his help often when figuring the precise dimensions of a new building project, and he’s all too happy to help consider they pay him in cardboard cut outs of various shapes.

Personality and Life: The eccentrically and specifically-named Geometric Shape Enthusiast Minion is one of the High Overlord’s most notable within his Minionry. Not only does he own a peculiar social demeanor in-line with such a name, but he also owns one of the most extreme forms of “mind shed” found among Chaos’ own. His seemingly random bouts of memory loss are so bad, in fact, that its purported among The Towerne Times that he’s even more forgetful than the High Destroyer himself – what’s up with that?

I’ll tell you what’s up with that: at the time Chaos infested him in particular, the human that became the minion had suffered an exceptional amount of head trauma, up to the point where his cognitive functions were permanently impaired. To put it shortly, he was going to have memory loss, even before Chaos “gave” him memory loss.

He has a social placement of both tenderness and respectful distance among his fellow minions. He is infamously easy to recruit for misadventures, as his obsession with symmetrical shapes gives those wanting to use him an exceptionally easy avenue for bribery. If you have something even close to a perfect geometric shape, you can get him on your side so long as you’re willing to play along with his constant delusions.

Geometric Shape Enthusiast Minion truly lives a life of his own: entirely certain that he is, in fact, a knight within the prestigious order of the “Golden Pentagon”, defending the sanctity of shapes everywhere with the help of the Shape King, who is apparently the one hope the decent world has against the forces of disorder and entropy.

He spends his days collecting shapes, protecting shapes, and prophesying to others about the oncoming return of the Shape King. No one in Towerne really knows who he is, and Chaos, the only one who would know, has hopelessly forgotten the event of their meeting – wonderful.

Hobbies and Interests:

-Symmetrical shapes

-That’s literally it

Notable Relationships:

-An at times awkward but trusting relationship with his master, Overlord Chaos, who is all too pleased to role play as a fellow “shape knight”.

-An obsessive, highly dependent relationship with Arts and Crafts Minion, who is always a little concerned when he shows up begging for construction paper and scissors.

Important Notes:

-Obsessed with The Royal Knights, and not in the way that the usual minions would be.

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