Arraine Gallandish

Name: Arraine Gallandish

Head Title: [REDACTED]

Relevant Faction(s): The Azure Vigil, Lond Lunar-Science Laboratory, [REDACTED]

Race/State: Human/Largely Unaltered

Age: 33 by the beginning of Blades of the Moon

Height: 177 cm

Weight: 73 kg

Original series: The Azure Vigil

Primary Magics and Abilities: At first glance, Arraine is your atypical laboratory-dwelling smarty pants. He’s capable of considerable observational feats, which allow him to deduce things that he may or may not be in the mood to tell anyone. Perhaps his greatest “ability” per se, is the manner in which his mind quickly and accurately categorizes data. This lean towards the analytical has also given him a gift in combat, which he will discover through the years to be of increasing importance. Later on, he’ll find ways to weaponize his special science in ways that the Omniverse has yet to see before or since – his understanding of lune energy shall reach a plateau that is spoken of as the stuff of legend and fairy tales.

Personality and Life: Born as the only child of the well-to-do Gallandish family, a great amount of pressure was applied to him at a young age to take up one of the most honored (and certainly the most lucrative) of Londish pursuits: trade within the Mercantile Society. This is immediately where the troubles started. Arraine was a poor talent when it came to maters of administration and trade, and his personality was aloof much to the irritation of his overbearing father, who wanted nothing more than to raise a boy capable of taking his place within the upper crusts of society. This continuous cycle of expectations and disappointment damaged Arraine in a way that few could relate to, as for some years his entire life revolved around understanding that which he cared nothing for.

The truth was that Arraine couldn’t give a single side of a coin as to manners of state and trade functions, all he cared about was science, particularly that amazing, mysterious energy Londish society has harvested from space for decades now: lune. To Arraine, the distilled power of the moon was more than a substance of fascination; with the proper understanding of lune, he was certain he could cure himself of what he saw to be his mental weakness, and take his place as a proper tradesman under his father’s approval.

He knew the technology was not yet there, but after many false starts as a tradesman and embarrassments to his family, Arraine finally won his place at the Londish Academy of Lunar Science and Mathematics on the mere virtue of his unshakably comprehensive grasp of the subject. At age twenty four he humiliated the head professor of Lunar Science at the academy in a two-hour long debate within what was supposed to be a single-hour class. Nearly half the school came to the lecture hall to listen in on the spurious debate, in which a calm, almost untouchable Arraine ignored all attacks on character and prestige flung by his superior to provide sound arguments that demanded questions among the crowd.

Merdoth Jehomlin, the professor, was certain there was something dangerous about Lune energy, and Arraine, ever the one to take the textbooks of his boyhood for fact, spoke the words that the audience wanted to hear – despite the potential risks, the reward is so much greater.

Perhaps the good professor was right, but at the time, Arraine looked like the hero in the eyes of the Trade Society-funded academy, who humored dissenting opinions only for the sake of their potential contributions to their bottom line.

With his top marks and this one event, he was offered an immediate scholarship into the Laboratory itself, which he heartily and readily accepted.

His parents were reasonably pleased, but the pressure and distance felt by their misplaced hopes still stings him in a way that effects few others.

Blooming into a handsome, well-cut specimen of manhood, he found many potential suitors. Despite his numerous attempts to enter a relationship and please his parents, each lass was ultimately turned off by his dogged obsession with lune energy, let alone with aloof, almost cat-like mannerisms that do not speak well to the empathic nature desired by potential lovers. If asked, many of these women would say it was as if they were not even in his presence while they were talking.

On the cusp of taking a tenured position within the Laboratory, he received a missive of commissioning by king Rioard himself – the creation of the Azure Vigil.

Hobbies and Interests:

-Reading academic journals, particularly on the topic of Lunar Science


-Relationships and people, despite his poor ability to engage

-Clearly, lune energy, its effects, and its capacity to change humans

Notable Relationships:

-A twisted, pained relationship with his parents, particularly his father

-A large amount of awkward, though warm acquaintances in the form of his multitude of academic and laboratory friends

-A trusting relationship with his to-be partner, a certain member of the Royal Night’s Watch

Other Notes:

-His blood displays properties of onset Lunatic Sickness

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