Kell Inkston

Name: Kell Inkston

Head Title: Four Eyes

Relevant Faction(s): Inklend S.E.E.R. Institute of Ultramedia (Head Analyst), Society of The Mountain (Footman)

Race/State: Medialing/Unaltered

Age: Indeterminate

Height: 162 cm

Weight: 68 kg

Primary Magics and Abilities: Being an Medialing, Kell is capable of “analyzing” timelines of memory using their innate observational faculties. It is similar to realmancy in that it is the real-time collection of data, but this “creation” cannot take any physical form, it must be of something that exists, and is generally only for the use of creating “narratives” for the entertainment of the Upper Realms. That said, Kell is not truly a “writer” as it were, but more of a recorder that views happenstances in lower dimensions, and then writes them down for Inklend, who pay him a hefty sum in cosmic reputation for the service. That said, if a lower being were to somehow enter a narrative that Kell wasn’t simply analyzing, but writing, then they would be helpless to resist the influence of its pen upon the happenstance of the story’s events.

Outside of that, he’s not particularly impressive. He’s deemed important enough to get his own residual construct, Calm Center, which is a result of psychic residue from the collective subconscious of lower realm lifeforms. Residual constructs are, as a rule, exceptionally powerful objects that gain their own sentience, and can think and act autonomously from its “owner”.

There is of course the rather in-depth topic of “layer right” and other similar questions of extra-dimensional capacity, but that will rarely come up, and is a bit too lengthy to explain in full. Long story short: Kell is an upper-realm being, which writes down things he sees. Sound familiar? Much like a writer creating (or simply deriving) a narrative from their mind, so too does Kell conduct “analysis” of certain lower worlds for the glory of The Wizard. Worlds like our own would be perceived as fictional to him, and scarily enough, may at times be seen as inferior to his upper realm universe.

Personality and Life: Kell was created under special request by The Mountain Institute with the interest of handling the Rondian Legacy Narrative. Under the guidance of then Head Analyst Reuel Inkstien, Kell learned the ropes of causality analytics with an alarming speed and interest. At the time, the narrative case of which he was assigned was exceptionally low-key, as it involved no major figures within the lower realms, with the exception of a suspicious figure known only at the time as Xingah. Kell worked diligently at recording the scattered, seemingly nonsensically-related narratives with the confidence that the strings of fate would, one day, align into a cohesive whole that Reuel would use to tie into the grand narrative of Rondi and the Ten Knights.

And did they ever.

Before long, Kell was managing over a dozen causal strings, three times that of Inklend’s typical high performers. Promoted quickly to Mid-Analyst, Kell was then, per policy, allowed to change to another causal strand, but he turned it down.

Monopolizing on his “taker’s right” for the Rondian Legacy, Kell went on to manage the enormous amount of causal strings related to the Rondian Legacy Narrative. As he had not gained any policy “strikes” during his time in the position, calls from other analysts to split the workload, (and thus the renown from the work,) were quickly shut down by upper management. Under Reuel’s watch, Kell developed to an analytical level that rivaled his own.

And then, it happened.

During a concentrated session of causal analytics, Reuel witnessed an event now referred to in the Upper Verses as “The Observation”. The specifics are still unclear as to what exactly he had seen, but Reuel’s outer part, his animus, was instantly killed, with his anima and anim back at his home jointly debilitated with significant psycho-spiritual injuries. Kell, who was also watching the narrative, was fortunate enough to miss this specific observation, and thus did not incur its fatal effects.

Knowledge changes a medialing, because insight changes art itself. In the seconds before Reuel’s mind exploded onto his desk, he must have witnessed something so immense that it immediately fulfilled his purpose as an analyst and caused that piece to cease existing. Theories abound on The Observation, what it was, how it was capable of killing an upper realms analyst, someone that should, by all common forms of measurement, be considered immortal. What most expect, however, is that it had no small part to do with Xingah revealing his [REDACTED] to the [REDACTED] [REDACTED] [REDACTED].

The position opened up for the head, but with that storied desk, some risk would be incurred: Reuel’s causal strands would also be theirs.

Only two analysts stepped up to the plate, Maryl Vink, Associate head analyst of Romance-Specific strands, and Kell, who had been dealing with strands partnered to Reuel’s for the past several years. A board was called, chaired not only by Inklend greats, but also representatives from The Society of The Mountain’s Ridgemen, as well as the fellow upper kingdoms of Breathlend and Starlend. This would be the first time in all history that a second being would hold the title of Head Analyst, and as the position is only a step down from Inklend’s Magistrate position, there was much ado about the selection process.

Ultimately, it was Kell’s healthy respect and knowledge of the source material that won him the chair, ushering him into the second-highest station of the kingdom and granting him authority well above his peers.

One might say Kell was just lucky, but there’s a little more behind those four eyes than a first glance might say.

Kell’s a bit of an eccentric one, but tries very hard to downplay it. He’s the ambitious sort that enjoys the simple joys of work and the continual grind of the day-to-day. He’s friendly right up until someone starts edging in on his narratives, or questions his motivations. He does do it all for Inklend and The Upper Realms, right?… Or maybe he’s just one of those dirty careerist workaholics that can’t share a good thing – ugh.

He lives in uptown Inklend on Ivy Lane with his anima, anim, and pets.

Hobbies and Interests:

-Gardening, particularly vegetables and berry bushes


-Viewing things from behind a book. Don’t call him a voyerist, because even though that’s more-or-less accurate, he becomes supremely indignant at the accusation.

-Walking and “intentional nothing” activities. Sometimes the best thing to do is simply let the mind wander and allow the body to do what it does best.

-Work (What a loser lmao)

Notable Relationships:

-A massive mutual distaste between himself and High Overlord Chaos.

-A shared animosity to many of his fellow causal analysts, particularly Maryl Vink – the utter bitch.

-A continued suspicion of a certain Knight Love: just what all does she know?

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