The Observation

An highly-contested historical event for both the upper and lower realms, arguably the first of its kind.

“The Observation” is said to have taken place on Extraverse Calendar Moment [REDACTED], in which, presumably, Rondi’s Indigo Knight, Xingah, revealed his face to The Speaker of Subara: Corps Commander Lono Katorashi and many high officials of the Priesthood of Man. It is highly refuted by many Upper Realms Academics, but the prevailing theory (and the reason this entry is being written in the first place, is that 4.52 second period in which Xingah’s face was visible, everything in a thirty two degree angle (roughly the size of his hood’s opening) exposed in the direction of view was disintegrated instantly at an unlimited distance. While Xingah’s hood was open for that four and a half seconds, anything in the viewing range disappeared immediately and without a trace.

It was as if anything in the specific view from under the hood was cut clean from the dimension, never to be seen again.

All of the priests who were in view were removed down to their shoes, the forest behind them was completely destroyed, the mountain range was cut through completely, along with the entire horizon.

The entire pressure layer of their the atmosphere above planet Ulayyn was destroyed, creating a massive gap in air pressure to be corrected violently the moment his face was again concealed, but there’s more:

All starlend luminary agents in the path were disintegrated instantly, Lunars and Solars along with many planets.

The “view” of Xingah punched out of the dimensional layer and into the upper and lower realms, skewering their dimension like a spear and opening it (and thus the other layers) to direct, “unassisted” travel. Here in the Upper realms, the pool containing that universe began bleeding out severely, its water, which is its dimensional space, spilling into neighboring dimensions.

This is considered by most theorists to be the founding cause of the rather worrisome phenomenon we now call “The Eversea”, at least according to the myth.

As mentioned, the “view” of Xingah also punched downwards into lower causality, splitting through Subspace (the drier places between dippable pools) and freely mixing small bits of everything with other small bits of everything. It was the first and only superdimensional event of its kind, essentially creating completely new universes simply from the sheer force of mass projected during this short moment.

And we’re still not done yet:

Medialing Kell Inkston was analyzing the Rondian Legacy Narrative at the desk across from his mentor and partner, then-Head Analyst Reuel Inkstien. They had both been observing the event, but Kell was inside the minds of characters, while Reuel was closely watching the action unfold. Inkstien’s view was of the priests, because he too was curious as to Xingah’s form under the hood, which for some still-unknown reason, they couldn’t “view” using their typical means.

Upon observing Xingah’s visage, Reuel immediately suffered severe Gestaltzerfall trauma, killing the “him” of the being immediately, and leaving both Reuel’s anima and anim with impaired cognitive function: neither of which can recall anything about the event.

As Reuel was the only upper realm being to witness “The Observation”, and said witnessing was immediately fatal, the two “conscious” upper kingdoms: Breathlend and Inklend, researched the surviving narrative eagerly. Pieced from both Reuel and Kell’s narratives, almost no answers were given past the effects of The Observation, which was already well noted.

The last written words of Reuel as the Head Analyst were: “Xingah shows his face,” and The Observation terminated Reuel’s animus instantly afterwards.

Theories abound on the nature of how The Observation took place and what had caused it, but most upper realm entities concur on the assumption that Xingah was, for lack of any more information, a being that confounds even the measurement of the upper realms themselves.

This itself has led to multitudes of studies conducted between Inklend, Breathlend, and The Mountain Institute, all of which were ultimately inconclusive, though The Mountain Institute was not, to put it bluntly, very cooperative or helpful in granting assistance to those associations which, for all intents and purposes, are considered by them to be lower realms themselves.

The events shortly following The Observation are referred to “The Assassination”, which is where the events surrounding Xingah’s being become ever more difficult to discern, as not even upper realm beings like Kell can figure out just what happened, and became the apparent resting place of the knight’s body. The mystery continues.

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