Overly Descriptive Purple Prose Title – Month and Year – It is an Update

Yes, it is time for the update, the one that takes place once a month, twelve times a year, and generally only a single time within a thirty-day period.

I love December, it’s that time when things get really cold, and I love the cold, and night time, and being outside and cold, as well as being inside and warm – I’m telling you, people who only like one time of year are really missing out.

Now, some music:

Mmm, bells.

Sometimes I ask myself what the meaning of all these gatherings are all about, but I really do know better: FREE BOOKS. Now it’s time for me to write about the real important stuff this holiday season: more books.

Voidthrone: Probably yes absolutely on time but just barely

Yes, phew!

Now, I wasn’t too concerned about the failure to publish Soot Knight’s third book. There was a marked (but expected) uptick in the standard death threats and hate mail, but when I noted that even Voidthrone might have its preorder canceled, that’s when it got a bit worrisome.

To the person who sent me the cake shaped like my head with all four eye holes oozing out strawberry jam… thank you, it was delicious, but people started asking questions: I had to tell everyone it was a postmodern artistic interpretation of a dice block under post-capitalist oppression, or something.

I mean, I’m not sure that’s exactly what I said, I just mean I have a lot of artists for friends because they’re usually the easiest people to trick, and if you use a lot of pretentious-sounding words when explaining something to them, they’re oftentimes too vain to question further – crisis averted.

Anyway, to the cake person: please stop sending me weird cakes. I know your name isn’t really Mrs. Kellcahnsticcet like the return address says, but it is all I can ask is that to the person behind the device frustrated not to have Voidthrone, worry not – I have fought hard to get you this prize.

That’s right, Voidthrone is on-track to be published on January 20th, just as The Mountain and The Foundation intended! I apologize for not having more as late asides from the occasional cute Facebook poll or frankly inappropriate short story, but it has truly been a year where the victories mean all the more.

By the way, Voidthrone is still priced at its “early minion” special, so go lock in that preorder and prepare your heart for some truly dangerous fiction. The book’s going to be $4.99 at launch, so be wise and save the souls of your next four dollars.

Just saying, you could have Voidthrone a little later than everyone else, or you could have Voidthrone the moment it comes out, and have like sixteen gumballs to share with your buddies while you all read about Chaos smashing the internal organs out of vampires. Truly, there’s nothing finer to read to your buddies as your while away the hours at the local watering hole, or perched high up in your backyard treehouse.

I will admit this one has been quite the battle to get through. Worldwide plague activities aside, it’s both a blessing and a curse when a writer has to grab the line and tug in the tuna when it comes to every sentence.

Rest assured, you will be enjoying a carefully-crafted experience. This one will have a few distasteful scenes to some readers, I have no doubt, as I’ll finally be tackling a certain subject matter I’ve been hinting at for some time, but have not been able to cut into until now. Prepare yourself for over 70,000 words of intense fantasy-philosophical action, intrigue, and secrets.

You’re going to learn a lot more about many of your favorite characters, and if you’re one of my super Chaos-eyed readers that can spot things coming a mile away, you’ll soon find out that I’m not simply referring to characters from The Courts Divided.

I really hope you enjoy it.

I mean to be honest that’s all there is for us in the news department… I think I’m going to write an essay soon, and discuss how I feel about writing these days – nothing bad, I assure you, just thoughts on the importance of the craft, another vibe for another time.

The Other New Thing, a couple lore updates!

Take some minutes out of your day to educate yourself on a couple of The Holy Verses’ many denizens. New ones since last month’s update are two in number:

The Glorious and Storied Rayda, Rondi’s Legendary Golden Knight and Reinen’s first and final king

-Delivery Minion… oh hey, you know this guy!

Parting Thoughts

I hope you all have happy holidays if you celebrate those kinds of things this time of year. Personally I like celebrating a little bit every day, but having days cut out where you’re supposed to do it makes it all the easier!

I’ll see you next time,

Kell Inkston

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