Happy Holy Days

Readers, friends and supporters of all kinds,

From myself and our friends within the Holy Verses: we bid you a good holiday season from the bottom of our little ink-bound hearts.

This year has been an especially challenging one for any number of reasons, but despite all that you’ve given me nothing but your love, support, and happiness. People are not reservoirs of love, but rivers, and you’ve acknowledged that with all your support from the last Winter to this one.

Even as an initiate of the hideous death cult known as “the writers”, I cannot form my usually horrible words into slightly less hideous sentences to properly admire your outlook, your motivation, and the light of you as a person.

I cannot possibly bring to bear the gratitude I feel for you, and if that sounds sappy, that’s because it’s genuinely how I feel.

Thank you so much for being my friend through the years, especially this one. Things have been very busy, very difficult, and very hectic, but here we are, eye to eye once more, seeing to the end of another year. I will continue writing, just as I hope you’ll continue reading and being a part of The Great Work with me.

Until next year that I write to you all again.

With lots of love,

Kell Inkston

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