The Dead of Winter Update of 2022

Stay warm, folks!

Americana’s been growing on me – it’s sort of like a campfire in genre-form.

Anyway, we got stuff going on this month, namely…


That’s right, January 20th is the big day!

Just look at that bad, tea-drinkin’ psychopath!

In just 5 days you too will know the drama, the intrigue, and the mania of The Courts Divided’s penultimate segment. At a little over 70,000 words long, this one will see an end to the events in the Thirteenth Lunar House, and a secret, hideous place untread by mortals.

You can get your hands on it as a pre-order, but be aware this is your last chance to get it for 80% off. It’s only a dollar to get your hands on it early, but after that we’re going full throttle at its dizzying, bank-account destroying price of 5… THOUSAND DO- oh wait…

*checks notes*

Uh, just 5 dollars, actually – $4.99 USD to be exact. Maybe that’s not so bad, but still it’s way more than $5 if we’re looking at it with multiplication.

Anyway, you too can witness Chaos showing down with the Night God, Order’s great secret revealed, and… whoa, whoa no kissing in this nice family-friendly book! Stop that you two!

Sorry about that, reader.


Lots of blood, minions, battle and philosophy is in store for those who dare leap into that great ink-black abyss. You can get your copy over at as a preorder, or simply wait til the 20th on release day. Despite its length, this is one of the longest projects I’ve put together length wise, and I think you’ll see the gears turning hard at some points. I even hid a couple giga secrets for the very sharp eyed among us, so read slow and savor the implications.

Actually I don’t have much else to give you for this update. I wish I had more, but the holidays are a busy time of year.

Look forward to the release update for Voidthrone, and I’ll see you soon!

Onward, Inkward, and here’s to the first month of the New Year,

Kell Inkston

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